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    First time grower. advice needed.

    posted by dangergreens at about 1 year ago


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    my cousin gave me a bubba plant, not a clone.
    im a first time grower.
    would it be better to grow indoors or outdoors?
    i know that with indoors it has to have ventilation and lighting.
    people make growing sound really difficult but i would think with proper
    nutrients and light/ventilation, the plant can do its growing.

    (pic is a bit big, right click and open in new tab to see it better, sorry!)


    how many weeks do you think it looks?
    also! theres little white worms in the soil compound, is that normal?
    any other advice? thanks :]


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    i got some error code trying to view that pic in another tab . saying i dont have access to dropbox ???

    but i will as simply as i can answer your questions in the generic

    after a clone is rooted and stable it is just another plant

    some stains are better indoors and some outdoors , but can be controlled indoors if you take steps to understand its needs

    small indoors are not too difficult for mediocre to good results depending on the genetics and how unforeseen problems are dealt with . outdoors planted now should not bloom until late sept or early october (your plant might grow gigantically if stealthness is a concern,oops early may idk someone else prolly has better advice) . lights that release minimal heat are available , cfl's and t5 high energy bulbs (t5's come in high efficiency and high energy), all fairly inexpensive . these do require 2 types of bulbs , one for vegetation(5 to 6.5K) and one for flowering(2.7-3k) optimally . sometimes you can start with some t5's or cfls , and as the plant grows add the 2.7k bulbs at beginning of flower stage and eventually switch out the 6k bulbs over time , flowering takes awhile .

    alot of the difficulty is in the details , the first time through its most difficult , distance of bulbs to canopy and your lumen output , understanding how to interpret signs of stress to the plant , burned leave tips , curled leaves , spots , pest , water run off , most of the common problems are usually simple after you understand the process . if you keep it simple your first time around , prolly the best, over watering and over fertilizing are the next key concerns (often called killing with kindness) , . until you sex the plant its all a crap shoot , usually why you need 3 to 6 plants , hoping half are female , if its a male throw it away and dont waste your time . unless you were planning on breeding , or u know someone who needs a male ,

    things to start , sanitize your grow area and keep contaminants out of it . wash everything that goes into it . reflective walls and what kind of lights are you going to use , moving air across your plants helps with stems that are underdeveloped and provides co2 , but not too much to dry it out , the cfls and t5's are low heat and if your space is vertical enough should never be a problem , unless your space will get over 85-90 on its own without the additional heat . also under 70 degrees or even 75 comes with a different set of problems , but if you can keep the room between 75 and 85 , should be fine . and to flower your grow area needs to be free of light completely for 12hours a day . even light through a crack or under the closet door can delay flowering . what is your light cycle going to be 18/6 , 20/4 , or 24/0 during veg stage , the faster is grows the more nutrients it needs the easier to fuck it up . soil is easier for a beginner , and a bigger pot with more soil makes fuckups easier to deal with . when they recommend half strength use half strength and measure anally . cuts down on the toxic build up in the soil until the plants are big enough to use those nutrients up , even then you might/probably need to rinse out the soil 2 or 3 times during the entire process . water purity is important , often allowing tap water to sit in a container for a few days before watering will allow most chlorine and other drinking water contaminants to evaporate . or use drinking water , ppl often filter their water or reverse osmosis .

    plan ahead , start with a good design , pay attention , begin to research , you have a good 4 to 8 weeks of veg , and another 6-8 weeks of flower , depending . time to read up . there are some good books and enough experienced ppl here to help out with the basics .

    the little white worms are normal and expected , they usually only become a problem if your soil dries out to much and they feed on the roots of the plant to get moisture . dont quote me but i think they are nematodes ? i am sure someone will correct me if i am wrong .

    hope that provides some simple direction

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