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    No taxation without representation

    posted by The Reverend at about 1 year ago


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    Your rights against self incrimination go well beyond speech in this country. They also include your right to not self incriminate on taxes when it comes to marijuana. This was proven in the 1969 decision of the US v Leary where Timothy Leary challenged the 1937 tax act as being against the 5th ammendment and therefor ruled unconstitutional.

    So as the current state of affairs in California has become more murky through deceptive lawyers and politicians about whether or not sales are in fact legal. I say the citizens of the state have the right to not self incriminate themselves by not paying any taxes on any "sales" or "donations" of cannabis until the rules become more clearly defined as to what is, and what is not allowed as it pertains to "sales".

    It can be proven that more then one collective operator has been put in jail for those same actions(Of "sales") both federally and by the state. So You can prove an imminent threat from supplying such information until the rules are more clearly defined in our legislature and or courts. Until then we are left with ambiguity and conjecture.