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    Need Help in Las Vegas Nevada

    posted by DavidPegasus at about 1 year ago


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    I have a Nevada Medical Marijuana Card. The one clinic left in Vegas has gotten horrendous reviews. I do not want to buy some crappy smoke. I am in constant pain.
    If you have or know anyone coming to Las Vegas soon, that can help, I have complimentary show tickets and $$ for some good smoke. See my cartoon below.
    David Pegasus Realtor/Poker Player/Property Manager
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    are you still looking? I have some extra meds. I have 5 oz of good OG Kush, 1.5 oz of Grand Daddy Purple and just under and oz of Pure Kush.
    let me know, Rick

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    I live in Las Vegas and I have been a patient since June 2010. I have made friends with a lot of previous co-op volunteers and am still able to get the quality that we were getting summer of 2010 when the game here was at it's peak.
    You can email me at <!-- e --><!-- e --> and I would be more than happy to help you with getting meds. I agree with you completely, why bother getting a card if you can't use it for anything? The only reason i have my card is to be able to keep my child safe while i'm still able to medicate with the medicine I believe is the safest.

    Again though, email me at <!-- e --><!-- e --> and I will do everything I can to get you the meds that you need for your illness/pain.

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