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    The Secret To Legal Marijuana? Women

    posted by williewortel_old at about 1 year ago


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    Cannabis USA -- In September, ladymag Marieclaire ruffled some feathers when it published a piece about women who smoke weed. But its most interesting effect was not the "marijuana moms" chatter it unleashed, and instead the fact that it brought to the mainstream media a more open discussion of the fact that women can be avid tokers, too.

    Public acceptance of pot is at an all-time high, and the fact that women have drastically changed their attitudes may be what is most fascinating about the sea change in public opinion -- and policy -- regarding marijuana. In 2005, only 32 percent of polled women told Gallup they approved legalizing pot, but this year 44 percent of them were for it, compared to 45 percent of men. In effect, women have narrowed what had been a 12-point gender gap.

    By Daniela Perdomo, AlterNet
    Source: AlterNet


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    thats interesting... where did you get that from?

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    I know a lot of girls that smoke bud,and its pretty sexy.

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