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    refer madness

    posted by Amoreno at about 1 year ago


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    It is not hard to believe as we review history and facts that money and influence are what drive the Government, if i wasn't for billionaire Tycoon William Randolph Hearst and the Duponts we would not have the hardship we would be having now. Due to their fortunes being threatened by the production of hemp paper products, we have to suffer! Just the same as the Vinyards created the hysteria over Absinth saying it would make you crazy the paper and clothing tycoon did the same taking away a valuable resource and a highly valuable medicine. We who truly suffer without our daily meds take the greatest brunt of this. Im tired of having pills thrown down my throat cause "its better than MMJ" I beg to say my liver damage from the pills Ive had to take differ with your reasoning. I suffer from leg seizures, severe back and knee pain, anxiety, and well as severe nausea and vomiting. The medications that I had been taking before I started using MMJ cause more damage to me than my original medical problems. I was faced with liver damage cause by the pain pills I was living on just to get out of bed, my parkinsons disease meds that control my leg seizures and my anxiety meds I am unable to take any longer, after much research, planning and years of gather information My husband and I decided to have another child. all the medications I was taking would not allow this to happen without sever birth defects and major pain and discomfort for me. If it wasnt for the grace of who ever is you belief system I can have a virtually symptom free pregnancy and life. 11 years ago MMJ was not an option for me as it wasnt yet available I gave birth to a daughter a beautiful daughter, who has adhd, sever anxiety, and Aspergers autism. I cannot help but think that the Fed meds I was taking could have caused her difficulties especially the Zoloft. Judge me if you like but I've done the research. It is not fair in any situation medical or not hat we are given only one choice and persecuted if we go against it. I am not willing to be a drone of the governments nor am i willing to force my unborn child to possibly acutally undoubtedly be affected by the meds i was having to take. My Requip fed med would gaurantee severe birth defects, and if I can help avoid this its my duty! It is not fair that the government force our terminally ill and chronically suffering patients to take their meds or force becoming a criminal, I do not want to be forced to do prison time becuase I choose the most healthiest option for my body which has already been ravaged by the fed meds. I am not willing to get your steroid shots in my spine and take the chance of a 50% could cause me to be paralyzed, and in my knees which could cause scar tissue and make it harder for me to walk. Had my grandmother not been a part of the refer madness generation her 5x battle with cancer that ended so horrifically would have been must more tolerable for her if she had only of taken the meds the doctor offered. I stand here and refuse to be forced to be a drone, or a pawn in your battle of whats right and wrong MR Fed Man, I choose the right to have control over MY OWN BODY and do WHATS BEST FOR MY HEALTH not your pockets.

    This has been a rant by yours truly,
    Ms. A