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    Wake Up People

    posted by ZeeOne at about 1 year ago


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    I recently posted a thought on over 500 dispensaries in California and in the 2 days that it was up, I received much Love and encouragement in sharing the thought. I originally posted the thought as a side-note to a review I wrote for Maui Waui. Unfortunately, the thought has been removed including my original review (?????) I am posting the thought here because it's time...

    Wake Up People

    I am concerned by an observation of (omit .com) and this is no fault of (omit .com) as the service they offer is immeasurable. What has me concerned, and should you as well, is the number of dispensaries falling in large numbers across the state of California. While I am no legal expert, nor do I pretend to be, I do understand what a law that has been passed means or what a President has publicly spoken about. I say whats happening with the decline makes no sense and I would hope that each and everyone of you out there, who has gained by the use of (omit .com), will take a moment of your life to send an email to your government asking them to stop denying patients legal access to prescribed medicine. Its a beginning. There are more important issues to be spending tax dollars on. Our Public Officials Need To Be Reminded of What Is Law. If not, I imagine the numbers of dispensaries will only continue to fall, possibly to a time when there are none. All of us have come so far in moving the system forward and it would be a great setback to give up now when WE ARE SO CLOSE to finally putting and placing the issue of marijuana to rest with the real understanding it deserves instead of the greed or manipulation of truths that still infest the issue. In reality there is no issue. Marijuana does far more good than bad (if any). Case Closed with thousands of years of experience to back it up!