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    GAUGING DOSAGE for Edibles- Parameters:

    posted by YogaDude at about 1 year ago


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    GAUGING DOSAGE for Edibles- Parameters: ( Results of my latests tests ( see below - bad experience) - 2 entirely new things to think about)

    1) Strength of Edible: You have to gauge it yourself by starting SLOWLY – always start much lower than the recommended dose. ( I try to stick with “Name Brands” [Consistent size, sealed packages, etc.] - and I avoid “Mom & Pop” edibles that look like they were made in someone’s kitchen) Also, Name Brands tend to use Hash oil instead of “Canna butter”. The Hash oil can be measured more accurately when making edibles. PS: Many brands will state they are “2X” strength, etc. Compared to what? I found a root beer that said it was “560X” – and it was barely half a dose! You have to test it yourself!

    2) Bulk of Edible- and form: A few drops of pure hash oil will affect you much stronger and quicker than the same amount in a 3” Rice Krispies square. Sprays and tincture are faster than edibles.

    3) Condition of Subject: Normal? Anxious? Depressed? Age? Well or Ill? Exhausted? A Healthy Athletic, well-rested person will handle it best.

    4) Body weight: A smaller person is more strongly effected by the same dose than a larger person is. % Body fat effect – yet to be determined.

    5) NEW: Subjects RECENT experience level with Cannabis. (IE: When was the last time you had some Cannabis?) If you are a regular smoker, it’s not much of a problem. If you haven’t consumed any cannabis in the last week, - WATCH OUT! It will hit you hard! <!-- scry --><!-- scry -->

    6) Time to judge effects: (Before changing dosage – taking more): Must be determined by experience AND Relative to how much food is in their system. Recommend: Minimum of 90 Min to feel effects and 120 min to judge full effect – on a nearly empty stomach.

    7) NEW: Amount of Food in system: Is the edible being consumed with a meal? 2 hours after? 4 hours after? On a completely empty stomach (first thing in the morning)? Completely empty stomach greatly increases effect.

    I recently had a bad experience because I broke some rules and was barely cognizant of some of them. I tried a new edible, from a reputable place and brand, that was “8X”. I was told ¼ of the very small fudge (about 1 ¼ inches square) was enough for an experienced person. I tried a little less than ¼ of the fudge= “2x” a few a hours after a light meal – it was fine. I waited nearly 2 weeks (for various reasons) W/O consuming any cannabis. Then-I took at little more than ½ of the fudge= “5X” on a completely empty stomach, 1st thing in the morning, and ate very lightly after that, and had little sleep the night before.

    It completely kicked my ass! I have never been that high! <!-- s:o --><!-- s:o --> I could barely walk or speak. It started kicking in at ~60 min, then more at 90 min, and a lot more at 120 min. At about 150 min, it really blasted me, then it kicked in even more 5 min later, then even higher about 5 min after that! <!-- s:shock: --><!-- s:shock: --> I was almost shaking. I can see how some people would be overwhelmed or freaked. I ended up sleeping about 6 hours, eating and drinking, then sleeping about 12 hours, then got up and was still high!!!!! – ~28 hours later! I slept half of that day, and half of the next day too! Learned my lesson!!!!! <!-- s:oops: --><!-- s:oops: -->

    I waited a few days, then tried the final piece- less than ¼ of the fudge piece with a light meal – it was fine. So it wasn’t the edible – it was me! <!-- s:o --><!-- s:o -->

    It sort of puts perspective on those stories of kids eating edibles and getting sick. This is medicine, not candy! A powerful dose on an empty stomach – a small person, with no experience, yeah, it could make them pretty sick/panicky. <!-- s:oops: --><!-- s:oops: -->