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    SLO Grower w/ Cured Organic Ready 2 Go

    posted by GanjaGardener at about 1 year ago


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    I'm new to the site and I'll be upfront, I came to the site because I have gear, my regular 215 compliant pipeline had a burp, and although I've grown locally for past 7 years I've never transacted locally. If this is an inappropriate post, blame it on naivete, yank it and I'll get it right next time. Have docs, exemptions, can see my work online,select genetics directly from the original breeders, quality mmj grown w/ care, indoors, in a 100% bio ag culture. Old timer, one man band, not a large quantity, 4-5 strains, ATM. <!-- s:) --><!-- s:) --> Peace.


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    hey wats up i am constantly looking for meds for my nor cal delivery service now i am trying to specialize in waxes and concentrates if u are will to sell good trim and or meds and re of quality i would be wlling to make the trip but email me at <!-- e --><!-- e --> andw can discuss this more thnx

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