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What Are You Smoking On?


GG it says on the sticker! A nice end to a good day! Cheers

LeGaLiZeD16 minutes ago
Sgt Stadanko

Nug-run Fire OG. Dabs arw tasting like pure pine and fuel. Im high AF

Sgt Stadankoabout 1 hour ago

So peaceful.

LeftHandMickabout 1 hour ago
herbalist 619

Yoda og

herbalist 619about 3 hours ago
irie stylee

Irie mon

irie styleeabout 5 hours ago

Smoking on some Grape Ape Hope everyone is medicated tonight! ChEeRS

wmanonabout 5 hours ago


watersforfishesabout 5 hours ago

Waiting is like smelling steak when your starving. Lookin good and almost ready for harvest. Enjoy this fine evening, my friends!

highcountrygalabout 6 hours ago

Homegrown Exorcist fortified with Space Terror bubble hash. Have a great evening folks!

Flashbackabout 6 hours ago
irie stylee

Interstate OG from 710 vapes

irie styleeabout 7 hours ago
irie stylee

I'm lovin' this Private Reserve OG more than McDonald's. 🔥🔥

irie styleeabout 7 hours ago

This dutch filled with G.S.C's is burning nice n' slow just like I like it :-))

Shantra7about 8 hours ago

Harlequin x Blue Dream concentrate. . . Looking for a little less pain, and motivation! Good Day Mappers!

LeGaLiZeDabout 8 hours ago

Strawberry Cough

InnaDiRedabout 8 hours ago

Key lime pie

ashendashabout 8 hours ago

Private Reserve OG 31.55%

izzy001about 9 hours ago
aspen bell

Banana Kush. Butter, not smoking. The rain this weekend was beautiful, but my arthritis is acting up!

aspen bellabout 10 hours ago

Dry Sift 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Cush45about 11 hours ago

Dope little Medizin tray

willflo24about 11 hours ago

Reloaded with Girl Scout Cookies and Banana Diesel. I'm ready now ! Like my Budtender says, " I wanna be high all day " .

Shantra7about 12 hours ago

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