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What Are You Smoking On?

joey domingues

Sour apple diesel by greenpont meds

joey dominguesless than a minute ago
joey domingues

Clementine from skunkmasters

joey domingues1 minute ago
joey domingues

Love potion from skunkmasters

joey domingues2 minutes ago
joey domingues

joey domingues3 minutes ago

"30 Days in the Hole" - OLD Skool! as I smoke on this Nepalese. Hi Mappers!

mmollzz17 minutes ago

The Master❣️❣️❣️ on my way to my dispensary..traded my gold rings for my ima brake your face ring!

CathyAJ28 minutes ago

Super Glue and coffee on a great Tuesday Monday....hope you are pain free today....HIGH

FattFang31 minutes ago
irie stylee

Salad of liquid butter OG and GDP

irie stylee31 minutes ago

Decarbing 10.63 g of sour grape fo a stick of butter wat type of cookies or edblis I should make fo my ppl...been doing cookies bc easiest way to dose ppl ...any body??

bradsgas4dayz#36 minutes ago

Close up

petlndsten12444 minutes ago

Im so sad, I went through seven grams in two days and now I wont have any more weed until the end of February 😩😳

bruz1116about 1 hour ago
jahizzy Watch it# repost it! #trumptrump #notmypresident

jahizzyabout 1 hour ago

Time for a healthy breakfast 😊😥

bruz1116about 1 hour ago
jahizzy A Plea to Trump Fans: This Man is Dangerous

jahizzyabout 1 hour ago

Making America Great Again

Putt4doughabout 2 hours ago

#wakeNbake #Raw

backwoodzJOEabout 2 hours ago

Good morning world are ya ? White Fire has me ready for the day 8-) Fly high indeed....smoke some weed !

Shantra7about 2 hours ago

Coma Kush❣️❣️ miss my cat nails 😕

CathyAJabout 3 hours ago

Variety pack

simmonsshanesabout 4 hours ago

Who can guess the strain..??

simmonsshanesabout 4 hours ago

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