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What Are You Smoking On?


Just smoked some Pleeze that smelled like a caramel! Thank Stonies LLC. You always have great deals and fire tree!

irie stylee

I hate when people dont wanna look at the menu. Always expecting something for nothing.

irie stylee24 minutes ago

Homegrown Orange Void and homemade bubble hash made from trim. Hoping for some rain today in S. Cal. Cheers folks!

Flashback24 minutes ago

Some good ol' Chem Dawg in the dry herb vape.

randynlt30 minutes ago

Juicy Fruit, and some Ghost Train Haze!

CircleMeds34 minutes ago

Anyone in LBC know where I can get my card? Tired of depending on people, doesn't necessarily have to be in lb just somewhere close by

dj_twix1about 1 hour ago

If anybody is looking for dispensary security, transport security (from farm to storefront) and/or site security, let me know! ☺☺🤘

inked_fitabout 2 hours ago

Nice little pic I took the other day. The bud is Cinex by Lopez and Orr.

inked_fitabout 2 hours ago

About to wake and bake with this nice little nugg of Purple Zombie Indica by Flying High Farm's!

inked_fitabout 2 hours ago

Vape cartridge and ghosts

spawn326about 2 hours ago

Anybody try Willie's Reserve brand flower? Curious as to whether or not it is quality bud? PS: Sunset Sherbert by Lopez & Orr...BOMB.

inked_fitabout 2 hours ago

Anybody know of a great dispensary in Denver Colorado?? Went to golden meds it was trash went to native roots they were OK. I want great!

lamya30about 2 hours ago

Quantum Kush. A new one for me (joy). If we handed this out in the middle east instead of guns, there might be peace in the world.

k-ludeabout 2 hours ago

Banilla Kush ... A first try, and I like! Happy Sunday!

LeGaLiZeDabout 3 hours ago

Oh yea and........ HAVE A DABULOUS DAY!!!!!! (used wrong pic in last post)

Alwaysblue9about 3 hours ago

Happy Day Mappers! Tea and dabs to ease the back... Pure Tonic wax...get some!

Alwaysblue9about 3 hours ago

OG Shake in my Dutch, Chai Spice tea in my cup n' lots of love in my heart ! What the heck , I'm trippin' . Good morning :-)

Shantra7about 4 hours ago

Some sour g cake batter 👌

Massacre1027about 8 hours ago

SUPERGIRL. 23%thc 1%cbd. I close my eyes and feel like I'm flying through the sky holding supergirls hand, my back pain in another galaxy.

k-ludeabout 10 hours ago

🍉 Watermelon 🌙 Moonrock

TheodoreBanksabout 10 hours ago

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