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What Are You Smoking On?

chronic pain patient2015

smoking that mammoth. from Pueblo west organics. enjoying the rain and a nice blunt


Updated page , again ! I can't be complacent . Stuck off that Stick OG right about now , under the air and staying cool while I fly high !

Shantra7about 2 hours ago

candy kush straight from cali. Smooth asf off a blunt. Where I live. The only thing that's compared is the good blue dream.

rolling.kidabout 2 hours ago

Holy Heatwave Batman...the bong is full of cloudy smoke...Blue Cut Cookies CO2

FattFangabout 2 hours ago

Bong Rips, Dabs, Toking, Trimming.. And staying cool today! Fly High Mappers!

LeGaLiZeDabout 3 hours ago

Gorilla Glue #4 x Gee Willikers... Crumble.. Trimming & Tokes!

LeGaLiZeDabout 3 hours ago

Night Terror OG to give me some relief on this HOT afternoon. big T-storms coming later today, looks bad on the radar. cheers!

Nickatnightabout 4 hours ago

Platinum Cookie crumble!

mer.grey209about 4 hours ago

Jack Herer crumbles to keep my day productive! Cheers!

LeGaLiZeDabout 5 hours ago

Smoking on a fresh batch of Girl Scout Cookies 21.86% THC Hybrid, more Indica dominant

PornProducerabout 6 hours ago

Chem Dawg cone, Dabs on deck! Happy Shatterday Mappers!

LeGaLiZeDabout 7 hours ago

Dab of some GSC then a doobie of some Crippler. Cheers to All on this Shatterday!

NoShame.I.Medicateabout 7 hours ago

Banana Kush has me sitting here going bananas, I am so high ! Man, I'm blown 8-) Fly high my beautiful people & stay sparking it !!!

Shantra7about 7 hours ago

Good morning to everyone, stay stoned and faded my fellow stoners :)

AlexBravo323about 9 hours ago

Just got off work puffing some REDWOOD ready to enjoy my days off. Wish Liverpool FC season started already to see some English soccer :)

AlexBravo323about 9 hours ago

g-6 is very good

WeeWee44about 10 hours ago
Combustion Master

Combustion Master with clone copy son's Bud & Jay about to Pineapple Thai up some breakfast : )

Combustion Masterabout 10 hours ago

Kings Kush Wakey Bakey TY Waterloo Dispensary

420YesByeabout 11 hours ago

Topshelf Indoor⛽️🍁 Medical Cannabis 🌎 Free Shipping ⛽️🍇🔌🎫📦 oz....$200 qp....$500 lbs....$2000 kik; stonerslord800

calicaregiversabout 11 hours ago

Sticky OG to set it off right !

Shantra7about 12 hours ago

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