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What Are You Smoking On?


pineapple kush

iemoemoe11 minutes ago

Some Sour D for the wake n bake :) happy smoking my friends

wolfcubca18 minutes ago

First up, some jelly donuts dabs. Have a wonderful day and stay lifted my friends

kizzy26 minutes ago

New treats, Orange Crush, Christmas Candy and Jelly Donuts by So Cal Dabbers and Tangie by Breaking Errl

kizzy27 minutes ago

Smoking on Kosher Kush. Cooking Thanksgiving II this afternoon. Prepping now. Salute Real Mappers.

MisterMORRISONabout 1 hour ago

Smoking a bowl of Afghani Kush to rot more of my white brain matter out... Sheesh, what propaganda are they going to try next?? High all.

BlndMJfunabout 2 hours ago

Good Morning Weed Peeps!!! Smoking White Fire... Trim, trim, trim today!

janetplanetabout 2 hours ago

Leftovers really... Breakfast on deck! Hosting Thanksgiving.. side effects... Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner the next day!

LeGaLiZeDabout 2 hours ago

Grape Krush x Harlequin ... on deck! Good Morning Mappers! Happy Friday!

LeGaLiZeDabout 3 hours ago

What's the what in re: WAYS? Who's around, sound off! Who has disappeared in protest? Who has just disappeared? Is it safe to send PMs?

mmollzzabout 3 hours ago

Blue Dream - Dewaxed Premium Shatter A Thanksgiving gift yesterday! Happy Friday Folks!

LeGaLiZeDabout 3 hours ago

Hey hey. Here's my Black Friday Motto: "Stay home, stay stoned!" Some classic Sour D. to start off the day. Hope everyone's great! xo/m

mmollzzabout 3 hours ago

Close up bong hits of Kimbo Kush w/PGSC. Next, save a few bucks on Christmas gifts & go cut a tree! Merry Christmas… Too early? ;P

RaynMan206about 3 hours ago

USA: Shoppers brawl in Kentucky as Black Friday chaos begins -

Flashbackabout 3 hours ago

Crazy Friday today! Goofy people in their wild state. Not going anywhere! Stay home, stay high and stay safe! Today is a lay back day:)

highcountrygalabout 3 hours ago

Mornin' folks. Happy Friday. Filling my bowl with homegrown Mendo blue. Got some Kona blend coffee in the cup. Have a great day!

Flashbackabout 4 hours ago
Silver and Black 619

enjoying some Cherry kush and using my new RAW's. fresh papers with fresh flowers.

Silver and Black 619about 4 hours ago
Silver and Black 619

yesterday i stayed home with dad, didnt shower, smoked during football ate a Punch bar, ate turkey i made Wed. best Thanksgiving ever.

Silver and Black 619about 4 hours ago

platinum holy grail

dzsr79about 4 hours ago

Skywalker Og & some 5150 Og , you could never go wrong with that Og..

Asek310about 7 hours ago

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