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What Are You Smoking On?

Master Flip

Either way, it is quite amusing to me. Thanks for the laughs!

Master Flip2 minutes ago
Master Flip

Still not sure if u trying to fight or f*ck. Maybe get out of car?

Master Flip3 minutes ago

How do you smoke wax? And is it more expensive than flower?

Gsloan13 minutes ago

Which one is smoother to smoke flower or wax? I cough a lot when I smoke flower

Gsloan22 minutes ago

Can I get fired from a job if I failed a drug test even though I got my cannabis card? Or if I'm looking for a job is it right for the job not to hire me?

$HMONEY30 minutes ago

The Master❣️❣️ 😆😝

CathyAJ33 minutes ago

Anybody trying to hook a pa sista up?

al82481237 minutes ago

Girl Scout Cookies !

MediaMasterabout 1 hour ago

No rec.

hectordoceabout 1 hour ago

Moby Dick 🐋 - 🍁 BC Grown Sativa

SmokeSaugaabout 1 hour ago

sour diesel

Emy323about 1 hour ago

Who wants to learn how to make concentrate cartridges?

ctgottlieb1about 1 hour ago

Its not my fasher. My fasher...!

redeyesarebeautifulabout 1 hour ago

Jack.herer? Herrer? Herreer? it

redeyesarebeautifulabout 1 hour ago

Wookie! it!

redeyesarebeautifulabout 1 hour ago

Sour kosher to die for 😍

mybuddymitchabout 1 hour ago

Where can I get some herb in Los Angeles without a rec?

brycedestroyerabout 1 hour ago

WORLD TO TRUMP: "No Way, No How" TRUMP TO WORLD: "I swear, it was THIS BIG" 😂 Happy Saturday mappers. I gots me this plate of great food, the Arizona WILDCATS are crushing it, and some blue dream to top it off.

mmollzzabout 2 hours ago

🎂 WEDDING CAKE! 🎂 This shit is fire, guys! Bong rips a-plenty! Albondigas and packed bowls make for a perfect chilly Saturday night. Much 💚 friends!

shesostoneyabout 2 hours ago
erick valdez

Blue berry!!! 🔥 Firestick n chill!!!! Chainsmoking!!!!!

erick valdezabout 2 hours ago

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