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What Are You Smoking On?

irie stylee


irie stylee11 minutes ago

Ayyyy any toke pals in San Diego?

jackel42019 minutes ago

New here, tryna get my CBD Vape on. Who knows where has some good stuff?

Biz4Christ33 minutes ago

Weed i'm a new smoker i have cerable palsy & seizures i hopeto meet new friends

ufcmanabout 1 hour ago

Smoked dr bean pre roll. Wow! Perfect tonight high as crap oh ya! Not a good conversation weed. Pv herbal

cathy123about 1 hour ago

Looking for for some new friends! Looking for likeminded people !!!

Northlandgreenabout 1 hour ago

It's starting to feel like Xmas

spawn326about 2 hours ago

I know we're all smoking weed around here but anyone got some shrooms in the sac area?

kaydoee11about 2 hours ago

BENTO just came through with that Key Lime Pie and that shit is 💨🔥It's a very flavorful bud that relaxes the body.

TGAETA21about 2 hours ago

Where does one begin from here? I am HellSpawn from the mighty 326 Crüe in Killafornia Nice to meet you WM

spawn326about 2 hours ago

I have a high tolerance and have always bought from lab tested deliveries. I assume they will have the highest percentage that may nit be true, however, I live in Southern California.

jamieluabout 2 hours ago

Mmj best looking bud ever

greenherb420about 3 hours ago

Who got green for sale in Chico?

Dannysoliz5150about 3 hours ago

Lightshade is a great dispensary with plenty of locations. Always great choices AN the garage doors at 6th Ave& Clarkson are my favorite. Check them out if in the area.

Shorty5280about 3 hours ago

M.O.B. (hybrid) from High Desert Green Care in Cali - this shit is straight 🔥🔥🔥!!! It's frosty AF, smells great, tastes delicious, gives you a Sativa-heavy high for about 30 minutes and ends with an Indica-heavy high that will put you to sleep.

HighDesertPandaabout 3 hours ago

Smoking that dank Dark Lord as we speak 😌

poppinprincessabout 3 hours ago

Hurricane + Kurvana Sour Diesal= Sabado Gigante

spawn326about 3 hours ago

I need some fan leaves to make a few Thai Sticks. Anyone know where I can get some in SoCal?

Badmann524about 3 hours ago

Girl Scout Cookies fresh a.f @ The L.A. Fire station sorry for the bad picture

MasterBruce123about 4 hours ago

Is there any dispensaries in Pleasanton?

Lizzzz5about 4 hours ago

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