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What Are You Smoking On?


Some lovely Kosher Kush too start off my day. Hows everyone doing? Loving Croptober this Year.

_thadakk41 minutes ago

Banilla Kush in my bowl... still... Dabs... clouds... flying high! Enjoying my morning! Peace Mappers!

LeGaLiZeDabout 1 hour ago

Some OG Shatter to make today right! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Croptober. Cheers from the 707!

NoShame.I.Medicateabout 1 hour ago

Cataract Kush ( LA Confidential x OG Kush ) . Haven't had this Strain in a long while. This cut is dense and Stoney.

CarlosKeithabout 1 hour ago

Banana Diesel in the air, teriyaki chicken legs in the oven , heading to the shop today , oh my I'm flying high for sure !!!!!

Shantra7about 1 hour ago

White Rhino and coffee for starters! Feeling a wee bit better, no hospitalization! More tests though, ugh...All cannabis matters!

FattFangabout 2 hours ago

Super Lemon Haze! :))))))))

ScrewballGraphicsabout 2 hours ago

Mornin all! I know patience is a virtue but come on now! Almost done. Meanwhile back at the ranch Psycho White and Elmer's Glue

highcountrygalabout 3 hours ago

Good morning. Happy Wednesday! Bowls of homegrown Bohemian Rhapsody being consumed. Have a great day folks

Flashbackabout 3 hours ago

Weed-day indeed , good morning ! Smoke some weed. I'm puffing on some bomb G.S.C.'s currently. Make it matter :-)

Shantra7about 4 hours ago

Private Reserve Sour D flower has been hit'n lately...

revert76about 5 hours ago

Also made some skywalker diy Rosin bomb...

Ballz710about 8 hours ago


Ballz710about 8 hours ago

BananaTangie bomb .... So many decessions...

Ballz710about 8 hours ago
Master Flip

Triple OG Kush. Has me feeling like a trophy wife!

Master Flipabout 11 hours ago

Papa Smurf Lobster Butter 93% thc. Hope this'll put me out, this insomnia is making me screwy.

k-ludeabout 12 hours ago

GG it says on the sticker! A nice end to a good day! Cheers

LeGaLiZeDabout 14 hours ago
Sgt Stadanko

Nug-run Fire OG. Dabs arw tasting like pure pine and fuel. Im high AF

Sgt Stadankoabout 15 hours ago

So peaceful.

LeftHandMickabout 15 hours ago
herbalist 619

Yoda og

herbalist 619about 16 hours ago

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