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What Are You Smoking On?

herbalist 619

Yoda og

herbalist 619about 1 hour ago
irie stylee

Irie mon

irie styleeabout 3 hours ago

Smoking on some Grape Ape Hope everyone is medicated tonight! ChEeRS

wmanonabout 3 hours ago


watersforfishesabout 3 hours ago

Waiting is like smelling steak when your starving. Lookin good and almost ready for harvest. Enjoy this fine evening, my friends!

highcountrygalabout 4 hours ago

Homegrown Exorcist fortified with Space Terror bubble hash. Have a great evening folks!

Flashbackabout 4 hours ago
irie stylee

Interstate OG from 710 vapes

irie styleeabout 5 hours ago
irie stylee

I'm lovin' this Private Reserve OG more than McDonald's. 🔥🔥

irie styleeabout 5 hours ago

This dutch filled with G.S.C's is burning nice n' slow just like I like it :-))

Shantra7about 6 hours ago

Harlequin x Blue Dream concentrate. . . Looking for a little less pain, and motivation! Good Day Mappers!

LeGaLiZeDabout 6 hours ago

Strawberry Cough

InnaDiRedabout 6 hours ago

Key lime pie

ashendashabout 7 hours ago

Private Reserve OG 31.55%

izzy001about 7 hours ago
aspen bell

Banana Kush. Butter, not smoking. The rain this weekend was beautiful, but my arthritis is acting up!

aspen bellabout 8 hours ago

Dry Sift 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Cush45about 9 hours ago

Dope little Medizin tray

willflo24about 10 hours ago

Reloaded with Girl Scout Cookies and Banana Diesel. I'm ready now ! Like my Budtender says, " I wanna be high all day " .

Shantra7about 10 hours ago

#WakeAndBake #PeaceMaker #RawOnly Few grams of Chapo. 😎

TopShelfOnly83about 11 hours ago

I'm a newbie. Anyone know why it burns my lungs when I'm vaping?

dgriskoabout 12 hours ago

Homegrown Orange Void in my bowl. The rain is over for now here. On my way to haircut place for haircut and beard trim. Cheers!

Flashbackabout 12 hours ago

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