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What Are You Smoking On?


I'm looking for rosin any one know any shops for it

grad26about 1 hour ago

Ended up stuffing 2 grams of moonrocks and some rainbow sherbet somehow 🆗🆒

negis3about 3 hours ago

Midnight DOOBIE- Bruce Lee OG

robvancabout 5 hours ago

Purple Kush 🔥🔥🔥 this vendor buisness is stressing got the perfect remedy tho

chubs95about 5 hours ago

Straight Purp

bigg_feeabout 5 hours ago

Happy Friday, maapers!! Im lifted on GSC and watching Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanmo Bay. #blessedngrateful

Dom-Domabout 6 hours ago

Green Dream. Peace my friends.

Mars94about 6 hours ago
Thomas Reutter

Girl Scout cookie strawberry banana Vape coil's candy

Thomas Reutterabout 7 hours ago

That 🍍 express while I binge on The Sopranos..😎🌪

topShelfLA4twentyabout 7 hours ago

Anyone know of JoMamas edibles and where to find?

Human0idStampedeabout 7 hours ago

Im smoking Haze but wishing I had OG Kush or Girl Scout Cookies.

VMax626about 8 hours ago

I'm about to be dry I'll finish this bowl first I'll be high so I wont cry for the drought wishing that green would come out of a spout. That's the best I could do at rapping im better at tapping for beats. I'll stick to the guns and maybe I'll get all the buns hun. Or I'll keep making these puns...

mellowheadabout 8 hours ago

140mg.THC chew, smoking Iranian Auto Flower mixed with Citrus Sap, vaping Candyland shatter.

boaster420about 8 hours ago

Blazing some License To Chill

robvancabout 8 hours ago

Where do I get some good priced CBD for rec????

Rodriguez0731about 8 hours ago

And this ❤

Strigoiabout 8 hours ago

Just smoked on some kosher kush from THC and I'm lit as fawk

Strigoiabout 8 hours ago

Shatter tanks og kush18 flower of life banana cream pure CBD and blackberry CBD gummies!! The absolute best!!!

Alienbreedabout 8 hours ago

Mixed Pineapple Express with Darth Vader today and I went to another galaxy 👌👌

bruz1116about 9 hours ago

This is a wake up call for anyone out there with asthma. This is what happens when you smoke a lot of weed. I gotta revise my situation. Gonna stick to edibles only. FML I'm in the hospital all weekend long.

spawn326about 9 hours ago

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