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West Los Angeles doctor- Weed Recs (100% Online)

First-Time Patients

www.WeedRecs.com is GUARANTEED to be the lowest price online medical marijuana recommendations in California. 100% Online ---- No Appointments --- No Waiting Room --- From home or office in 3 easy steps:

PART 1: Are you a first-time patient, or need a renewal?

PART 2: Do you want just a digital copy, or do want the physical copy?

PART 3: Online Health Questionnaire Once approved, your certificate is available for immediate use as a PDF, which you can print at home. If you want the physical copy with raised seal, it is mailed that same day.


Please come and visit the all new WeedRecs.com--New Look, New Management Team, Same Fast & Easy Process...get your recommendation in minutes!

We'll renew ANY doctor's rec UP TO 3 MONTHS PAST EXPIRATION for $19.99! Renew in less than 5 minutes without an in-person doctor visit. 8/1/17: Listed by DoLA as "Best Places to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card" - http://dola.com/p/cannabis-rec

About Us

Serving all of California!

WeedRecs.com Now Offers Online Medical Marijuana Recommendations in West Los Angeles


WeedRecs.com has arrived to unveil its online medical marijuana recommendation service in West Los Angeles. They’ve widened their digital reach to include everyone from Brentwood through Sawtelle and even into Century City. Residents of West Los Angeles no longer need to fight against the stifling smog and traffic to find medical marijuana recommendations.Instead, patients can find their medical marijuana recommendations in the comfort of their own homes.


WeedRecs.com works closely with state-approved cannabis doctors who specialize in one-on-one attention and care. The compassionate staff at WeedRecs.com understands just how out of control life can become, particularly when chronic and debilitating conditions are part of the equation, so they will take the time to understand their patients. WeedRecs.com knows how vast and overwhelming medicinal cannabis can seem at first, so they will make themselves available to assist their patients with whatever questions they may have.


WeedRecs.com’s robust and streamlined online platform is completely HIPAA-compliant. They encrypt patient information to secure it against theft and incursion.Better still, their website is mobile-friendly! To find out more about their online services in West Los Angeles, pull up WeedRecs.com in a new tab for more information.



The procedure for obtaining a medical cannabis certification in West Los Angeles has never been easier now that WeedRecs.com has opened its digital doors. The first step patients must complete is to fill out a health questionnaire on WeedRecs.com. Then, a state-certified cannabis doctor will review the questionnaire responses to decide whether the patient could benefit from medicinal cannabis. Once the doctor has provided the patient with a recommendation, the patient may then access it online in PDF form immediately.


Local Legislation:

Medical marijuana legislation in West Los Angeles states that in order to acquire a medical marijuana recommendation, patients must suffer from chronic, debilitating conditions that cause pain or discomfort. For more on which conditions qualify, zip on over to WeedRecs.com. Other than the aforementioned requirements, medicinal cannabis patients in West Los Angeles should abide by common sense: maintain an up-to-date certification and keep your medication private. Also, recreational marijuana is set to debut throughout California in early 2018.


Service Locations:

WeedRecs.com’s wonderful online services now include all of West Los Angeles. From Montana Avenue to the furthest reaches of West Olympic Boulevard, anyone suffering from plaguing, chronic issues can seek alternative pathways to healing through WeedRecs.com. West Los Angeles residents who fight traffic congestion on the 10 or on the 405 no longer need to do so to find medical marijuana recommendations — or even to renew them. With WeedRecs.com, the entire process can be completed with your feet up and Sunday night’s game on.


Location Information:


West Los Angeles, from Brentwood to Mid-City and Mar Vista, is chock-full of places to visit, things to do, and delicious meals to devour. Tatsu Ramen on Sawtelle Boulevard is a popular spot for some of the city’s best ramen on a budget. Bar Hayama further up the road provides customers with small plates, sushi, and sake in a hip, cozy setting. Also, we would be remiss to skip out on mentioning the Stoner Recreation Center on Missouri Avenue. The Stoner Recreation Center includes pools, pool playgrounds, slides (into pools), basketball courts, tennis courts, and even a skate park for endless family-oriented fun.


Hours Of Operation

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