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Sun Valley Certification Clinic - Fort Lauderdale

3267 West Davie Blvd Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312 - Doctor

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Fort Lauderdale Doctor - Sun Valley Certification Clinic - Fort Lauderdale

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About Us

At Sun Valley MMJ Certification Clinic we've turned the once grueling ordeal of getting your MMJ card into a clinical and professional experience!

Sun Valley MMJ Certification Clinic now offers Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Fort Lauderdale

Ailing residents of Fort Lauderdale can find alternative pathways to healthier living through Sun Valley MMJ Certification Clinic’s medical marijuana recommendation service. Sun Valley’s clinic staff is proud of conducting its medical cannabis examinations with the utmost care and compassion. The team at Sun Valley MMJ Certification Clinic in Fort Lauderdale believes medical marijuana can assist patients in achieving happier, healthier lives; this clinic’s cannabis physicians dispel misinformation and misunderstanding by educating their patients about medical cannabis. Not only that, but they vow to assist patients throughout the entire approval process, from the moment patients schedule a consultation to the moment they receive their state-issued IDs — and beyond. The helpful folks at Sun Valley MMJ strongly stand against transactional marijuana clinic status quo. Their marijuana doctors make every effort to ensure each patient leaves happier and more optimistic about their well-being.

The founding couple behind Sun Valley MMJ Certification Clinic has been involved in the marijuana community for some time.

While enrolled in college in 2005, one of the founders obtained a medical marijuana card to manage pain brought on by psoriatic arthritis. He has renewed his ID card eleven times over the course of the past decade in order to continue his successful treatments. Years later, he and his wife moved to Arizona where the lack of cohesion and professionalism throughout the clinical process of medical marijuana astounded them. This, combined with the tragic loss of his parents to pancreatic cancer and ALS, diseases for which marijuana has been clinically found to be an effective aid, moved he and his wife to use their honeymoon savings to open the first Sun Valley MMJ Certification Clinic in Arizona. And now the two of them assist ailing patients in need across four different states.

Local Legislation:
Florida’s medical marijuana legislation states that patients must suffer from a chronic or debilitating condition to qualify for medical cannabis use. Also, legally purchased cannabis must be purchased through MMTCs, or Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers. Outside of those requirements, Fort Lauderdale would like to remind its cannabis patients to keep their medication and its administration private.

Sun Valley MMJ Certification Clinic in Fort Lauderdale operates like a standard practice. Their process is safe, secure, and streamlined for their patients. First, patients should gather relevant medical records that prove their chronic condition. Then, they must schedule an appointment with Sun Valley MMJ to seek cannabis use approval from a state-certified cannabis doctor. Once certified by the cannabis doctor, patients must then file paperwork with Florida’s Compassionate Use Registry. A short time later, the Compassionate Use Registry will then mail out Registry ID cards to patients, which allow them legal access to MMTCs throughout the state.

Service Location:
Sun Valley MMJ Certification Clinic proudly provides ailing patients from all over Fort Lauderdale with compassionate care. Those living up along the coast along Central Beach or even further north along the North Ocean Boulevard can now find reliable, professional, and discreet medical marijuana recommendation service just a few minutes away. Conveniently located just off of Davie Boulevard west of I-95, Sun Valley MMJ Certification Clinic will go above and beyond for each of its patients. Even patients living further inland in Plantation and Washington Park can now find excellent, local care with Sun Valley MMJ.

Location Information:
Fort Lauderdale is home to the internationally-renowned Fort Lauderdale Beach; it’s perfect for families to spend an afternoon beneath the Florida sun. And just inland, should you need to slake your thirst, a small, unobtrusive line of shops and restaurants offers air conditioning, plenty of water, and some delicious food. For an entire day of fun, head over to Las Olas Boulevard to take in some of Fort Lauderdale’s most architecturally peculiar shops and boutiques. Continue west on Las Olas Boulevard until you reach the ocean to find Las Olas Beach, one of Fort Lauderdale’s gems. Take a dip in the deep blue, you deserve it.

10:00am -  5:00pm
10:00am -  5:00pm
10:00am -  5:00pm
10:00am -  5:00pm
10:00am -  5:00pm
3267 West Davie Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33312
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August 1st, 2017

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