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5 stars

It's as easy as it gets

Literally had my rec within 10 minutes. Doctor was friendly and informative. As the title says, it's as easy as it gets. I have no complaints. Had a great experience, would definitely reccomend.


Was so excited when the new '21 and up law' came out, but only to find out it doesn't apply for delivery, and considering me being as big of a lazy POS I am, obviously I can't fathom the idea of leaving the couch! lol but seriously this was the most pain free, minimal effort experience and I'm stoked! Customer support (Austin) was awesome and it took all of 15 minutes to complete minus some procrastination! Lol. Thanks again, will definitely recommend to friends :)

HECK YEA! Great price and Conveniant! DO IT!

Took about 10 minutes start to finish! Dont get me wrong i was skeptical at first doing it online i have never done it this way before but after doing some research and review reading i became confident and glad i chose riseupmd to get my rec. I would easily reccomend this website to obtain your first or renewal of your REC!

Very friendly service

I missed out on the call right before closing, but bright and early received a new text saying the doctor was ready for me!

The best.

Rise up was the best clinic that I have been to. The process was easy and convenient and the support staff are professional and courteous. The process was brand new to me I have never gotten a recommendation online before but I was comfortable with it right away. The doctor was friendly and didn't waste time. I used my rec directly after my visit and didn't have an issue. I'll refer others and return next year.
Julia Ingram

Wonderful and friendly

Wonderful and friendly, had great consultation. Questions were relevant, advice was priceless.

Doctor Recommendation

Doctor was helpful and very understanding and suggested me what I should take. I would highly recommend.
Louise Patton


Professional, listens carefully to my questions and doesn't rush the consultation!
Clifford Burton

Smooth, no hassle process.

Very simple and easy to navigate website. The interview with Dr. Ross was thorough and helpful. Good overall experience.
Wm Bailey

Knowledgeable and kind!

My dr appt was very thorough and the dr even offered great feedback for the cold I have right now. Overall great experience.
Woodrow Norris

Good people. Not very user friendly

Dr Ross was thoughtful and efficient Navigation within website to talk to a doctor was challenging
Alan Warner

Nice and friendly

Doctor was able to get online quick and help me with my medical problems. Thank you
Deborah Malone

Highly recommend

I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants their medical card fast. The doctor I spoke to was kind and informative as to what kind of medicinal marijuana I should get for my current conditions. The process took a total of 15 mins! Thank you RiseupMD!
Alex Ford

very informative and helpful

the doctor was so helpful and informative I have recommended several people to this site..
Camille Pratt

Couldn't be easier or more conveinent

Highly recommend this app and service! Very convenient, easy, and professional.
Cathy Shaw

So wonderful and informative!!!!

Fast, easy, answered all my questions and gave great recommendations!!!
Minnie Owens

Very convenient and fast .

I heard about this service awhile ago my rec ran out and I needed medication today but it is Sunday so my regular place is closed . but for the same price as a renewal I got a new rec at home on my couch watching Netflix haha best service ever !


Rise Up MD was extremely helpful, quick, and easy. The doctor was very friendly and concerned with my conditions. He even recommended certain things for the pains and headaches I was having. I would recommend them to everyone
Clark Patterson

Fast and Professional

The waiting period went rather quickly to see the doctor. Professional service with the doctor. I recommend it to others.
Tami Matthews

Easy to talk to.

Doc was perceptive and kind. Seemed truly concerned about my issue.