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Atlanta doctor- Premier Chronic Pain Care

First-Time Patients

PLEASE NOTE -Valid GA Drivers license or ID required at the time of your appointment. -Prior medical records documenting your qualifying disease, are required at the time of your appointment. No exceptions. - Walk-Ins Accepted during business hours of 7am -10:30am M-W, with all required documentation, Phone 404.895.1924 (call will be returned within 24-48 business hours) -Same Day Appointments Available- THE OFFICE IS NOT A DISPENSARY AND KEEPS NO MEDICATION ON HAND.


Our onsite physician, Dr. Rasean Hodge is an Advocate for Medicinal Cannabis and has received his Certification in the "Masters of Marijuana Program" . Dr. Hodge is eager to discuss the benefits of Medicinal Cannabis with you. Remember there is now a SAFE alternative to Opioids.

About Us


"Premier Chronic Pain Care is an institute where empathy and sympathy collide, so communication and healing can begin."


Georgia’s new medical marijuana law allows certain qualified persons to legally possess up to 20 fluid ounces of “Low THC oil,” which is derived from the marijuana plant. It authorizes the Georgia Department of Public Health to issue a “Low THC Oil Registry Card” to qualified persons, which will prove that they are authorized to have the oil and protect them from arrest.

In order to qualify for exemption from prosecution for possession of marijuana oil in Georgia, the patient must suffer from one of these qualifying illnesses:

Cancer, when such diagnosis is end stage or the treatment produces related wasting illness, recalcitrant nausea and vomiting.
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), when such diagnosis is severe or end stage.
Seizure disorders related to the diagnosis of epilepsy or trauma related head injuries.
Multiple Sclerosis, when such diagnosis is severe or end stage.
Crohn’s Disease
Mitochondrial Disease
Parkinson’s Disease, when such diagnosis is severe or end stage.
Sickle Cell Disease, when such diagnosis is severe or end stage.
Tourette's syndrome
Peripheral Neuropathy (pain that radiates)
Epidermolysis Bullosa

Intractable Pain

Alzheimer's disease



Additionally, anyone in a hospice program, regardless of diagnosis, will be allowed access to marijuana oil that’s low on THC, the chemical responsible for the marijuana high.

If you suffer from one or more of the qualifying conditions and are interested in obtaining a Georgia Medicinal Marijuana card, please give our office a call to see how we can help!

Premier Chronic Pain Care Provides Medicinal Cannibis Card Recommendations

Premiere Chronic Pain Care - Atlanta is where empathy and sympathy collide, so communication and healing can begin. Their onsite physician, Dr. Rasean Hodge, is dedicated to providing Atlanta's medicinal cannabis patients confidential, secure, and compliant evaluations. Dr. Hodge is pioneering in medical marijuana as one of the first and few medical doctors in Georgia, to recommend patients for the Medicinal Cannabis Card program. Their staff is warm, welcoming, completely professional and non-judgemental, and patients feel welcome and safe at Premiere Chronic Pain Care - Atlanta. This clinic’s marijuana doctor and staff are dedicated to paving the way for medical marijuana in Georgia.

Dr. Hodge says "Cannabis chose him". After breaking his neck in 2012 and having undergone two failed neck surgeries, Dr. Hodge soon  found himself taking the same medications he was traditionally prescribing to his patients, with harmful side effects. He then began studying and researching the plant (MJ) and discovered its many benefits. He weened himself from the harmful opioids and began treating himself with Medicinal Cannabis. After realizing its many benefits and seeing how much the Cannabis helped with his pain, depression, sleep disorder and his recovery, he immediately began advocating for Medicinal Cannabis here in the state of GA, and educating his many patients who suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis.  Being a patient who suffers from chronic pain on a daily basis himself, he understands the help and healing that can come from utilizing cannabis for medicinal benefits. Dr. Hodge's ultimate goal is to aid other Georgia patients suffering from debilitating pain or other conditions that may be alleviated with medical cannabis.

Making an appointment is easy, and Premier Chronic Pain Care - Atlanta offers same-day appointments, so patients can be seen by a medical marijuana doctor right away. Premier Chronic Pain Care - Atlanta looks out for their patients' long-term wellness and meets the needs of patients on an individual basis. Dr. Hodge is always willing to schedule follow-ups as needed. The office provides bona fide medical cannabis consultations from a Georgia certified physician.

Service Location:
Premier Chronic Pain Care is in Old Fourth Ward in Atlanta, Georgia and is located close to Downtown and Georgia Tech. Patients in Virginia Highland, Atkins Park, Midtown, Tech Square, Little Five Points, Druid Hills and Sweet Auburn neighborhoods are located conveniently close to Premiere Chronic Pain Care. They proudly provide their medical marijuana services to patients in Atlanta Station, Pittsburgh, East Atlanta, Virginia-Highland, Bankhead, South Atlanta, Inman Park, Cabbagetown, Castleberry Hill, Cascade Heights, Glenwood Park, Ansley Park, Adair Park, Vine City, Reynoldstown, and Peachtree Hills.

Location Information:
Atlanta is a major metropolitan city with great historical significance in the United States and capital of Georgia. Atlanta is home to Georgia Institute of Technology, a public research university established in 1885. It is also headquarters to Cartoon Network, a prominent American animation T.V. channel. The Fox Theatre is also in Atlanta, which serves as an opulent landmark venue for ballet and other performances. Atlanta Botanical Garden provides 30 acres of serene scenery filled with plants, statues, and fountains.

Hours Of Operation

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