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Dr. Mark Avart

2 Bala Plaza Suite IL4 Balacynwyd, PA 19004 - Doctor

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Balacynwyd Doctor - Dr. Mark Avart

First-Time Patients

Certification is good for 1 year only, re certification is necessary after that time. 


Certification for 1 of 17 accepted conditions only.  

Must have medical records at their first appointment.  

The patient cannot be a registered firearm owner.  

Must register on PA.GOV (Insert link).  

Must register for the certification number and have this number available at the first visit.

No medical insurance covers this service.  

All services rendered are paid upfront in cash at the visit.



About Us

Dr. Mark Avart now offers Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Bala Cynwyd


Bala Cynwyd residents seeking balance and wellness through the proper and educated use of medical marijuana can now obtain medical cannabis recommendations through Dr. Mark Avart at Penn Medicine Bala Cynwyd. This phenomenal clinic and its staff strive every day to provide their patients with a smooth and enriching experience. From excellent patient care to compassionate and professional one-on-one consultations, Dr. Mark Avart’s medical marijuana service is second to none.


Dr. Avart and his team at Penn Medicine Bala Cynwyd have treated numerous patients overcome by opiate addiction and chronic pain. They understand how effective and safe medical cannabis can be when treating these conditions. Further, Dr. Avart utilizes his one-on-one consultation sessions to provide his patients with important cannabis education. He and his helpful staff realize that the most effective use of medical marijuana requires an understanding of the plant and its attendant effects. Dr. Avart provides his patients with education regarding cannabis cultivars, cannabis legislation, and the most effective methods of the medication’s administration. His patients are informed and empowered to tackle their chronic conditions and ailments with confidence.


With nearly 40 years’ worth of experience in both nonsurgical and surgical orthopedics as well as sports medicine, Dr. Avart is more than qualified to administer the region’s most apt and comprehensive medical cannabis care.



Dr. Avart’s clinic in Bala Cynwyd provides patients with a streamlined process through which they can obtain medical marijuana recommendations. Dr. Avart encourages his patients to complete two steps before scheduling an appointment: gather relevant medical documentation from a primary caregiver that proves a chronic condition, and register with PA’s Medical Marijuana Program to receive registration ID. Once patients have completed these steps, they only need to contact Dr. Avart at Penn Medicine Bala Cynwyd to schedule an appointment where he and his staff can take care of the rest!


Local Legislation:

Medical cannabis laws in Pennsylvania state that patients must prove that they suffer from a debilitating disease or condition that results in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), seizures, neuropathies, or chronic pain, among others.

Service Locations:

Dr. Mark Avart’s office in Penn Medicine Bala Cynwyd can be found off of City Avenue just before it intersects Schuylkill Expressway. Penn Medicine Bala Cynwyd has plenty of parking to cater to any and all prospective patients, so there’s no need to scour the local neighborhood to find an available spot. From Wynnefield to Germantown and Manayunk, no clinic offers stellar medical marijuana care that’s as comprehensive or robust.


7:00am -  3:30pm
7:00am -  3:30pm
 -  10:00pm
2 Bala Plaza Suite IL4
Balacynwyd, PA, 19004
Member Since
February 2nd, 2018

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