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17577 Nassau Commons Blvd, Suite 103 Lewes, DE 19958 - Doctor

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Lewes Doctor - Nature's Way Medicine

About Us

Nature’s Way Medicine offers Lewes Medical Medical Marijuana Doctor Evaluations

The staff of Nature’s Way Medicine works diligently to bring premier, cost efficient medical marijuana evaluations to Lewes, Delaware. Their approach is entirely scientific, and the cannabis doctors of Nature’s Way Medicine - Lewes work hand in hand with their patients to implement the methods that suit them best. The marijuana doctors of Nature’s Way Medicine - Lewes aim to bring the best therapies that will naturally heal their patient's ailments.

Dr. Matt Roman is committed to integrating primary care with medical marijuana therapy to help patients reach long-term health and wellness. Dr. Roman makes an improved quality of life the primary focus for Nature’s Way Medicine - Lewes. During the evaluation, Dr. Roman does not solely concentrate on alleviating symptoms, rather uses predictive questions to uncover the true health problems. Then, Dr. Matt Roman works with the patient to develop the proper therapies needed to effectively heal their conditions and work towards reaching their health goals. Nature’s Way Medicine - Lewes employs a scientific approach to each case they come across. The cannabis doctors and team work diligently to educate their patients and their families about the best methods to medicate. Nature’s Way Medicine stays on top of the marijuana industry, and strive to remain informed and ahead of the curve. The Nature’s Way Medicine team continually does in-house and external research as new things are discovered about cannabis.

Dr. Matt Roman earned his Doctorate where Copernicus studied, the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. The doctor also has Neuroscience and Chemistry degrees from Franklin and Marshall College. Dr. Roman trained in Pittsburgh and worked as a “hospitalist,” helping ER patients transition back into their normal lives. During his years in Poland, Dr. Matt Roman learned the importance of forging a personal relationship with each patient; a far cry different from the United States method of repetitive test-taking. The marijuana doctors of Nature’s Way Medicine - Lewes connect with the person first, then delve into medical history and then exams.

The doctor is a natural skeptic, and he could not disprove the remarkable benefits of medical cannabis. The more Dr. Matt Roman dove into research about marijuana the more he learned of its benefits, and that served as a legitimate form of treatment for many people. Moved by his findings, he founded Nature’s Way Medicine in October of 2015 to release patients from the grip of prescription medication and grant access to safer, efficient and natural treatment.

Service Location:
Nature’s Way Medicine office is located in Lewes between the convergence of Coastal Highway and the nine freeway. Patients in Belltown, Nassau, Jimtown, Arabian Acres, Harbeson, Aspen Meadows, Lewes Beach, Beach Plum Island, Milton, Andersons Corner, Marshtown, West Rehoboth, Henlopen Acres and Dewey Beach area are close to this medical marijuana doctor office.

Location Information:
Lewes occupies the Delaware Bay in the eastern section of Sussex County, Lewes Beach attracts families with its shallow waters, fishing, and boating. Celebrating the 300th anniversary of European settlement, Zwaanendael Museum was created modeling a former City Hall in the Netherlands. On 218 Second Street Ryves Holt House still stands, purportedly the oldest surviving home in the state.

17577 Nassau Commons Blvd, Suite 103
Lewes, DE, 19958
Member Since
February 2nd, 2017

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