National Access Cannabis-Halifax

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doctor Halifax, NSmedical
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5 stars

This is the place.

A very cool place with little stress and helpful staff. They make every step easier. Also, when I last checked they were much less expensive than some other places in town (bonus!).

Amazing Staff / Zero Stress

My husband and I went in to learn about what needed to be done for our ACMPR/Medical Marijuana license as our current meds were not working for us in a truly positive manner, anymore. We were unsure how to do anything, but, after our first visit, we knew we were in good hands. All of the staff are amazing. They are knowledgeable about the ACMPR process and cannabis, in general. The staff made recommendations for dispensaries based on how we plan on using our prescriptions and what ailment we are using them for. The entire process, start to finish, was no time, at all, and we never felt alone. Best of all, you get all this amazing service for free. Truly top notch.

the go-to for licensing

they really are the best in every way. For every hurdle, they have a solution. They are basically an agent for you when you are registered through an LP and will take care of it all for you. Colin really knows what he is doing and is always available to help you.

Very fast and easy

Very quick with the process! Met with a man in glasses can't remember his name hahaha but he was the bees knees they are a for sure if your from the Nova Scotia area

Great Place

Awesome place, the staff there are very compassionate at what they do, and if you need medical marijuana they will do everything they can to help you get your self legal. Anyways I highly recommend this place, if your looking for your medical marijuana card.

Great new place

Amazing, just what you expect fro aplace like this, no judgement just understanding and willing to listn. It is great to see more support!!! Nice clean and proffesional staff!! Amazig