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MMJCCC - Tempe

2600 E Southern Ave, Suite G Tempe, AZ 85282 - Doctor

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Tempe Doctor - MMJCCC - Tempe

First-Time Patients

This is a safe, discreet process. We fully comply with the State Law and protect your identity at every step.

You need RELIEF, not headaches.

If we don’t certify you, WE DON’T CHARGE you! Guaranteed.


We Price Match.

Discounts every day for Seniors, Veterans, People on Fixed Income, Disability, and SNAP.

If we don’t certify you, WE DON’T CHARGE you! Guaranteed.

About Us

We Price Match.

Discounts every day for Seniors, Veterans, People on Fixed Income, Disability, and SNAP.

If we don’t certify you, WE DON’T CHARGE you! Guaranteed.

Committed to convenient and compassionate care, the Medical Marijuana Card Certification Center strives to provide its patients simplified and compliant access to medical marijuana. Through their Tempe office, the doctors of MMJCCC strive to take the confusion and uncertainty out of the certification process, bridging the gap between patients and the healing medicine they seek.

MMJCCC’s Chief Medical Officer achieved his doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University, specializing throughout his career in surgical care, nutrition, physical therapy, and herbal remedies. While practicing internal medicine, he would observe his colleagues prescribe unnecessary prescription drugs to over thirty patients in a day. These patients ultimately became addicted to these harmful opiates and other pills, with no other choice but to increase their intake when the medicine grew less efficient. His career path eventually led him to work at medical marijuana clinics, and his experience there revealed to him the healing properties of cannabis and it’s potential to help patients from all walks of life. Soon after, he founded MMJCCC, and from that time they have opened several additional clinics throughout Arizona.

MMJCCC exclusively offers medical marijuana recommendations to focus their help towards patient health and relief. Their organization makes an effort to reevaluate and refine their process of recommendation on a consistent basis, committed to improving their certification process and patient experience. MMJCCC commits to matching competitor prices and are delighted to provide discounts to veterans, seniors, SNAP card carriers, fixed income earners and patients with disabilities. If a patient does not qualify for medical cannabis they will not be charged. MMJCCC’s knowledgeable office staff is happy to answer any questions, and their doctors encourage patients to reach out about any concern. Appointments are scheduled in advance, with same-day sessions typically available.

Service Location:
Operating out of Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale and more offices throughout Arizona, MMJCCC’s Tempe clinic is proud to serve Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, Sun Lakes, Apache Junction, Guadalupe, Youngberg, and Komatke.

Location Information:
Tempe, Arizona lies on the southern side of Phoenix, alongside the southern bank of the Salt River and right off of the 60 freeway. It is home to the Tempe Beach Park and Big Surf Waterpark in Tempe, as well the Phoenix Zoo and Casino Arizona. Further south lies the Tempe Diablo Stadium, spring training home of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and the Wonder Rift in the South Mountain Environmental trails. Throughout the Phoenix and Tempe areas, MMJCCC proudly serves its many patients.

Discreet Arizona Medical Marijuana Card Services. Because it is none of their business.

You need RELIEF, not headaches. If we don’t certify you, WE DON’T CHARGE you! Guaranteed.

Congratulations. Like millions of Americans, you have decided to find a safer, gentler, more natural, less addictive way to address your health concern. Now you just need to get your card. You may have some questions in your mind:

*What is the process?
*Will I qualify?
*Will I be charged for the visit even if I don’t qualify?
*Will the Certification Center be discreet?
*Will they rip me off?

At MMjCCC, we solve these concerns for patients like you every day.
The Premier Arizona Medical Marijuana Card Services offers you the following:

We have a simple, streamlined process that gets you in and out in 30 minutes. We submit ALL paperwork to the state for you, free of charge. After the visit, all you have to do is wait for the card from the Department of Health Services. We keep you informed at all times and guarantee the certification in a timely manner.

Our business lives by our reputation. Bottom line, if our doctor doesn’t certify you, we don’t charge you. After your visit, the doctor verifies with our central office whether you will qualify. Only after that call do we call you to charge you. The doctor is expected by Arizona State to be the gatekeeper to the Medical Marijuana program, and we have never had a known case where a patient has not received a card after our doctor qualified them.

We always seek to be protective of your reputation. The office you walk into doesn’t have MARIJUANA written all over it. There is no GIANT MARIJUANA LEAF all over the door. You walk into a medical office and visit with a doctor. Our Receipts and Records Request forms come from a Doctor’s Office, NOT from a Medical Marijuana Office (AND our receipt is a valid medical expense for tax purposes.) It is your decision whether your doctor or the neighbors know anything about your business. We maintain the full confidentiality required by law. Other than submitting your application, we never report or submit ANYTHING to any agency. We are the most discreet Arizona Medical Marijuana Card services you can find.

Fair Pricing:
We always offer discounts to Seniors, Veterans, people with Fixed Income, Disability, or Food Stamps. We know that times are tough and do our best to keep our process efficient and our pricing rock bottom. We will also match any competitor’s advertised price. Aside from the cost of the visit and the state application fee, there are no hidden prices or fees. So just imagine walking into our discreet medical office, visiting with our kind and knowledgeable doctor, resting assured that you will either be qualified to receive your card, or you will not be charged a penny!

In a short while (could be as few as 6-14 business days dependent on the timing of the Arizona Department of Health Services), you will have access to a safe, powerful, natural medicine that has helped millions of Americans like you, with fewer side effects, and none of the dangerous addiction issues.

Call or email us to hear more, or find out if you will qualify, or just schedule your appointment and we will take it from there.

10:00am -  4:00pm
10:00am -  4:00pm
10:00am -  4:00pm
10:00am -  4:00pm
10:00am -  4:00pm
2600 E Southern Ave, Suite G
Tempe, AZ, 85282
Member Since
July 27th, 2016

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Nice discreet clinic

Discreet clinic without a giant MJ leaf on the door. I was in & out in about 45 minutes. The price was in line with what the other clinics charge, and offered a discount because I'm on social security. The doctor (a naturopath) was very knowledgeable and offers other services besides just MMJ certifications... I also got a B-12 shot while I was there for just $10 and I feel great today!

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