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2.9 stars

do not buy! mmjdoctor is a scam

fake fraud this is a fake id

Fake site

These guys are scam artists. Just go on explain it all. Fuck these dirtbags

Don’t use....this is a fraud!

I obtained my recommendation February of this year. I have not been able to have it verified by any dispensary so I went online to verify my own I’d and no NO RECOMMENDATION FOR THAT ID could be found. So I googled the doctor and he is a plastic surgeon with medical board disciplinary action! The site is bogus and unfortunately if you are not well you will fall victim to the I trusted site! I’m following the email trail. Taking advantage of people who are sick and more than likely just getting by need to be put under the jail!

Refusal to share DCA License # in CA (Illegal)

As an online business in the state of California, MMJ Doctor Online is required to have a Department of Cunsumer Affairs License Number to Operate. It is very easy to check if a business is fraudulent by verifying this information through the CA state website. After no results by name, I called them to recieve this information by phone so I could verify their legality. I was met with strong oppostion immediately, was told "They cannot provide this information" which I called out as being BS since it is public information, and ended up being hung up on right then and there. I urge you to do the same, and anyone who gets that info Post it here so it is public. These guys are going down, and their blatant misuse of personal medical information and illegal practices will be met with legal repercussions.

Reccomendations from Deceased Doctors: Fraud!

Do your research and take their information with a grain of salt. I was turned away from multiple dispensaries with this reccomendation. Came to light these guys were issuing reccomendations in the name of doctors either retired or deceased with currently active medical licenses- Mine included. A Dr. Miller, Orthopedist with no relation to Cannabis whatsoever during his time practicing, was the issuer of my reccomendation and after verifying through the Health Board that his license was only active for a month or two longer. Unfortunately, the late Dr. Miller was also DECEASED at the time of my issued reccomendation by him- Found out by contacting his supposed office directly. Hard to approve reccomendations given that little piece of information. When contacted about this blatant illegal practice, they refused to give me any more info on their issuing process, contact info for my prescribing doctor (also illegal as a patient), as well as any help whatsoever. I was met multiple times by the same receptionist voice, but was given different names each time I asked. They also provided false information on their website about a Yelp page and phone number (MMJ Doctor of San Francisco- similar name but no affiliation. I called and checked and so can you for proof.) They have since taken it down but it shows the predatory and distrustful business ethic you are buying into through these guys. MMJ Online may look legit, seem trustworthy, and feel secure but with minimal research and a skepticism to their practices will unearth their illegal practices everytime. Try veryfying your Rec on any other database besides the one they provide- You'll see. Be smart and stay safe people.

So simple

I originally obtained my recommendation elsewhere but had let it lapse. Recently started to have major back problems. After weeks of Drs appointments and 7 weeks of physical therapy nothing helped. I decided it was time to get my card again. My brother told me about this service. I was skeptical at first but the entire process was so simple and quick. I really appreciated their quick turn around. I have used my recommendation at a number of store fronts and delivery services and never had any issues. I highly recommend this service.



Bad date

I had a bad experience with mmj at first but after talking to Valerie, she was able to fix my Begin Date and fix my refund. Thank you for your help.. From Deddrick

This is a very helpful service.

I recently needed to renew my recommendation and was dreading the drive to the doctor's office and the wait etc. Then I received an advertisement that this service was available. I decided to try it and am pleasantly surprised as to the efficiency and ease with which the renewal process was handled. I have some limited financial issues that caused me to not be able to pay my invoice for renewal at the time it was due. That does not seem to matter to these fine folks, they have held my recommendation (disabled of course) for me until I am able to pay. Bottom line is they are quick, efficient and willing to do their best to accommodate their clients. I highly recommend this service to all patients who need to renew. They did exactly as they said they would. This will be where I come from now on.


This is my fourth renewal but my first through mmjdoctoronline. How wonderfully convenient! I have had a great experience and really enjoyed the easy process, reasonable price & helpful customer service representatives. Thank you!
Jenkins Parkley

Enjoy mmj!

I would like to join this team with pleasure. To be honest it was easy to obtain the card online, simple steps were made & efficient staff was found. A big thanks to all the managers.