Livity Rasta

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5 stars

Quit complaining

If these whiners realized how much more difficult life is for others then perhaps they would get over themselves. I’m SO happy that I have found people that ACTUALLY KNOW Which medicines provide what results!!! As far as non-whining folks go I believe the small delivery donation more than covers the safety aspect of knowing EXACTLY what is in your medication. Being able to have your prescriptions delivered to your door within hours.... PRICELESS

Great place

Everybody here was very nice and informative, helped me get my card and hooked me up with some sweet glass.

Best Around

Helped me get a card and caregiver who continues to recommend whats best for me. Great product selection, and friendly staff

they helped me get my card!

The staff along with a short Dr visit answered all my questions about applying for a mmmp card..after I finishing my paperwork they offered a 50% discount on any glass piece, but I was running short on money so they gave me a coupon for 30% off that was good for the next week. shout out to the owners cause while I was leaving Kevin and Abi( the proprietors) When you come in "Rasta" (the store dog) loves treats if you bring some in we will throw an additional 10% discount..kinda laughed cause yeah bring a dog a treat and get a discount..that next week I was there & just like promised I walked out with a killer glass piece 40% off ( I remembered some treats for Rasta) Enjoying reality is now something I see and do for the most part and not just dream about..THANKS LIVITY RASTA wish I would have found you sooner..the store has so much to offer besides just a way to obtain a mmmp card and glass...they offer true knowledge and comfort..cant wait for my next trip!!

Excellent Service!

Everyone there was very knowledgeable on how beneficial medical marijuana could be to our lives and ways we can help others in need. They are extremely friendly and polite people that welcome you to come enjoy reality with them! I Received my medical marijuana card in a very timely manner.

Hands down, the best!

Loved their glass selection and definitely brought some souvenirs home with me.... Including a new vape!! 😁💜💨 Down to 3 cigs a day!!! 😮😮🙏💪 Shout out to Antonio for having all the answers to my questions! Very knowledgeable staff. 🌟✨🔥👍 Also LOVED LOVED LOVED Rasta. He is their store puppy and I'll definitely have to remember to bring him a treat next time for 10% off 😉😉😉 Thank you so much Livity Rasta! See you soon!!


My new place and saw my buddy rasta 🐕

Quick and friendly

It was real the dog Rasta.would recommend this place to anyone.