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About Us

Licence to Grow now offers Medical Marijuana Grow Licenses in Québec City

Ailing residents of Québec City may now take charge of their health by pursuing medical cannabis grow licenses through Licence to Grow’s robust online portal. Licence to Grow empowers its patients to grow their own medicine which will invariably provide them with an inherent sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that purchasing the medicine cannot.

Licence to Grow also offers its patients through Québec City cannabis education. By providing patients with an understanding of the world of medical cannabis — its cultivars, legislation, and modes of consumption — Licence to Grow enables patients to help themselves. Licence to Grow was built and is run by growers, for growers. They empathize with their patients. They understand that medical cannabis treatment is individual; one patient can find happiness and relief with Sativa cultivars while another may prefer Indica cultivars. Also, patients who grow their own medicine can manage exactly what they put into their bodies. No pesticides. No additives. From seed to pipe, patients are in control.

Licence to Grow digitally connects its Québec City patients to compassionate cannabis doctors across Skype. This allows patients from all over the city to access medical cannabis grow licenses regardless of their location or ability to travel.

Finding a medical cannabis growing license in Québec City has now been made simple with Licence to Grow. First, those who are interested in growing their own medicine must register with Licence to Grow online where they will be asked to fill out a few short forms regarding their medical history. Next, patients schedule an appointment through Licence to Grow with a cannabis physician, who will assess qualified patients with daily grammage prescriptions. Patients then must fill out forms from the ACMPR and mail them, along with the prescription, to Health Canada. Health Canada will then mail patients the final documentation that includes total plant allotment. Once patients have this documentation they may begin growing.

Local Legislation:
Growers in Québec City may grow both in and outdoors, but they are required to inform Health Canada of which setting(s) they choose. Patients may also grow more than 100 plants, but the maximum number will factor in the cannabis doctor’s grammage prescription.

Service Locations:
Licence to Grow is proud to provide Québec City residents with the opportunity to grow their own cannabis treatments. From Wendake to Saint-Nicolas across the St. Lawrence River, prospective patients may log onto Licence to Grow’s online portal today to begin their journeys toward healthier and happier living. Even those living in Levis and Victoriaville may now seize the right to grow from the comfort of their own homes through Licence to Grow’s medical cannabis grow license service.

Location Information:
Québec City residents rave about Old Québec City, its cobblestone streets, talented street performers, and Old World charm make this historical section of the city one worth touring. Locals also recommend the Terrasse Dufferin, an elevated promenade that provides its walkers, bikers, and runners with idyllic panoramas of Old Québec City and the St. Lawrence River. And for a bit of nature: the Montmorency Falls. These 275-foot falls are even taller than the world-renowned Niagara Falls; set aside an afternoon to enjoy this natural marvel.

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10:00am -  10:00pm
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10:00am -  10:00pm
10:00am -  10:00pm
10:00am -  10:00pm
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