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4.7 stars

Great Service

Really appreciated the customer service. I was greeted kindly and the receptionist was nothing but kind to the lady after me that was having issues.

absolutely amazing

their service was absolutely amazing it was quick and easy and they even actually helped me fill out the form online it would be a shame to go anywhere else

Super quick!

I booked an appointment online a few days before and filled out the form they sent. Went in the morning and was in and out in 10min. Great and friendly people. Highly recommend.

Very Quick!

Booked my appointment the day before and got in first thing in the morning to see the doctor. Everyone is very amazing. Greatly recommended!

Super easy!

Was in and out in 15 min flat! Staff was super nice too!


Thought I'd do an online visit as I'm a stay at home dad and can't easily make it to offices. After a 30 min wait in a lobby, a phone call, a doc who can't operate technology, then another phone call they still couldn't get the tech working. Can I get a refund? Nope. Not until later in the week when a manager happens to be in. Now I'm out $150, an HR of my time, and still need to see a doc. If this we're my business, I'd be appalled that it seems like a fly by night scam artist to a potential patient.

Great job

Fast evaluation and the staff was friendly and professional. I’ve recommended many friends to go here.

Super fast

I was in and out with my recommendation in about 15-20 mins. Just make sure you fill out your intake form online to make it go faster.

Nice and Easy

Great place, super nice! Whole process very quick. Wonderful place for anyone needing a recommendation.

Really Fast

My appointment was at 10:15am seen the doctor at 11am. He asked three questions and approved me. My Dr visit was less then 5 mins. It took 7 business days to receive my approval email.

You see the Dr. virtually on the computer

It took about 5 minutes once I got to see the Dr. I was never asked if I needed help with the OMMA website. I used the recommended passport app on the OMMA website for my picture and entered the Dr information myself on the website. I got my recommendation on March 1st, got my approval Email from OMMA on March 12th. I received my card today on March 19th. So i would say to everyone it would be 20 days once you’ve submitted all your stuff to the OMMA before you actually get it in the mail.

This is where it all started

Made my appointment online a couple days later when in was very nervous but quickly at ease with how nice every one is. From the front desk to the room it was probably 5 mins and 5-10 mins inside the room with the doctor who was very nice as well and professional. 5 stars easy breezy

Great Service, easy appointment

The office ladies are friendly and helpful. The Dr visit was fast and easy (video conference visit on their computer). Received my approval and card within 3 weeks. Zero complaints.

Herba Verde is the best

The folks at Herba Verde are fantastic. Highly recommend them.

Great customer service

I'll tell you from start to finish these guys are awesome. Made my phone call, got my questions answered and booked my appointment online the next day. Filled out my patient intake form like two days before,it was no longer than your average and very easy to fill out. Got lost but the ladies were very helpful and kind. Even tho they were behind they still cleared a waiting room full of people within a reasonable time. They answer any questions you have and I got my signature! I will ALWAYS recommend these guys. Great for the price.

Fast Service

Very quick to get through! I liked them but the FaceTime with a doctor was kind of strange to me. They were very fast though and it was much easier than I thought it would be thanks to their staff!

Great place!

Very nice people, comfortable, quick, no stress.

Friendly staff and knowledgeable

Ya ok it was a little crowded but the helpful staff had me in and out in 30 mins, thanks for the professionalism!! I recommend this clinic, also for the affordable cost as well.

dr visit

I want to thank them for the quick visit. I received my approval for my card with in 10 days. Thank you! I want to also say i received my card today.

Unprofessional scatter-brained office

After several days of trying to book an appointment online, I finally got the ok to come in about a week later. I showed up 7 minutes early to be greeted with “hi hun, take a seat and we’ll be right with ya”. Seven people came in while I was waiting. All seven were asked to fill-out the forms that I had already completed online and to submit an I.D. and payment. I had cash and drivers license in hand. After 30 minutes, there was still no acknowledgement that I was in the building and everyone in the place seemed to be clueless of their surroundings. I finally left, as I was about to blow my top. I got about a block away and decided that I have to call and complain. I was told that it was no big deal, as they schedule in blocks and everyone sees the doc at 3:30 - so what was the purpose of the 2:45 appointment? Why did I receive texts asking me to give a notice if I couldn’t be there? Obviously their time matters and mine does not. Spend the extra cash and go somewhere professional.