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GreenLeaf Rx

7455 Collins Ave #203 Miami Beach, FL 33141 - Doctor

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Miami Beach Doctor - GreenLeaf Rx

About Us

GreenLeaf Rx now offers Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Miami Beach


Miami Beach residents seeking wellness and health through safe and effective alternative means can now acquire medical marijuana recommendations at GreenLeaf Rx. This clinic’s staff treats its patients with warmth and kindness, welcoming them with open arms and open ears. The medical experts at GreenLeaf Rx recognizes how important it is to be receptive to patients, their questions, and their concerns regarding cannabis. They  understand that to most, cannabis is a new form of treatment that requires a working knowledge to fully utilize.


Patients exit GreenLeaf Rx’s front doors enriched and prepared to combat their chronic conditions with confidence. GreenLeaf Rx encourages its patients to follow up should they need assistance in altering their treatment plans or require more medical cannabis information. GreenLeaf Rx’s team in Miami Beach has set itself to the goal of bringing hope to folks in Florida. With every passing day, the grass in Miami Beach grows a little greener.



GreenLeaf Rx in Miami Beach has streamlined the medical marijuana recommendation process for prospective patients. First, patients should gather relevant medical documents that describe their chronic conditions from a primary care provider. Then, patients need to contact GreenLeaf Rx to schedule an appointment, during which a state-certified cannabis doctor will review patients’ information and assess those qualified with medical marijuana recommendations. The final step in the process requires that patients register with Florida’s Medical Marijuana Use Registry to receive registry identification. When patients have a recommendation and registry identification in hand, they may purchase treatments safely and legally across the state.


Local Legislation:

Laws regarding medical marijuana in Miami Beach state that patients must be able to prove they suffer from a debilitating condition in order to qualify for medical cannabis use. Florida’s qualifying conditions include PTSD, back pain, arthritis, and chronic pain, among many others. To learn whether you qualify medical cannabis use in Florida, contact GreenLeaf Rx today.


Service Locations:

GreenLeaf Rx and its wonderful team of medical cannabis experts serves patients all across Miami Beach. The clinic’s convenient location along Collins Avenue between the neighborhoods of Atlantic Heights and Biscayne Point allows patients all across this seaside resort city straightforward and local access to excellent medical marijuana care.


Location Information:

A trip to Miami Beach is incomplete without a day spent along the city’s beautiful shoreline. From Surfside to South Beach, every square inch of this idyllic coast can serve as an exquisite afternoon getaway. To dive into local culture and cuisine while enjoying the sun, locals heavily recommend Little Havana Food and Walking Tour in Miami. This 2-hour tour runs from the Agustin Gainza Arts and Studio in Little Havana and winds its way through local eateries to indulge in unique foods and cultural history.


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7455 Collins Ave #203
Miami Beach, FL, 33141
Member Since
January 10th, 2018

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GreenLeaf Rx

Reliable Knowledgable Clinic!

One of the few places in Miami that is reliable, knowledgeable, and great customer service. Dr. Draesel was awesome, the place is right next to the beach. I was in and out quickly, and have already recommended a few friends. Thank you=)

GreenLeaf Rx

Great Clinic!!

I have been a patient using opiates for 4 years now from a back injury from a car accident. I was hesitant to switch medications, from my percocets to cannabis but that all changed when I came into Greenleaf. The employees did a great job explaining all the benefits of switching over to cannabis and the doctor even worked with me to wean myself off of the percocets. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking to legally use marijuana!

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