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Fox Chiropractic

12395 SW 68 Ave Portland, OR 97223 - Doctor

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Portland Doctor - Fox Chiropractic

First-Time Patients

First time are welcome. The doctor provides everything yo need for your evaluation. By appointment only. We do same day appointment is available.


Free Parking. Please come in for your medical Marijuana card.
X-ray machine on site.

About Us

Fox Chiropractic

Based in Tigard, Oregon, Fox Chiropractic commits to helping patients in pain using the most effective ways possible to ensure their long-term health and happiness. Their goal is to provide each patient with outstanding care, compassion, and lasting relief.

Dr. Richard Crokin achieved his Doctorate in Chiropractic in 1999 from the Western States Chiropractic College and has worked in private practice from graduation to the present day. Along his career path he became a certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, and currently studies with the Carrick Institute for Neurologic Research to achieve the Functional Neurology Diplomate. Dr. Crokin initially became involved in the medical cannabis field through his friend involved with Oregon’s legislative process. He read more and more materials on the subject until he had a much more personal experience involving its benefits. His father, dealing with cancer, insisted that medical cannabis was helping him manage the treatment more than any prescription drug, and his mother’s chronic hand tremors all but disappeared after starting medication. With such a body of evidence supporting its merits, Dr. Crokin offers medical marijuana evaluations for interested patients.

Dr. Crokin and Fox Chiropractic pride themselves on committing to the idea of treating patients with short-term care for long term results. They are a no-nonsense clinic that seeks out the root of each patient’s symptoms and works to provide the most cost and time-effective treatment possible. Dr. Crokin strives to offer relief to those who are suffering, though there may not be any visible, outward signs. If an injury is somewhere, that injury is always going to cause problems, so he wants to find it, fix it as simply as possible, and keep people as well as they can be.

While Fox Chiropractic accepts insurance for its chiropractic services, they do not currently take insurance for medical marijuana evaluations. They do their best to accommodate all patients seeking evaluation, and there are packages available for reduced prices for returning patients. Dr. Crokin is always available to answer follow-up questions by email or by phone, and all appointments can be scheduled either over the phone or on their website.

Service Locations:
Nestled right off the I-5 and 217 highways, Fox Chiropractic is based in Tigard, Oregon and serves the greater Portland metropolitan area. From Lake Oswego to Tualatin, Beaverton to Gresham, Milwaukie to Sunnyside, Fox Chiropractic is proud to serve its widespread communities.

Related Services:
As a Chiropractic clinic, Fox Chiropractic provides a wide variety services for injury and pain management. They treat patients with chronic neck and lower back pain, sports injuries, pain caused by sciatica and whiplash, and other auto-accident injuries.

Location Information:
Tigard, Oregon is located in the southern Portland area, only a short drive away from Portland proper and a number of natural and cultural landmarks. Lake Oswego lies to the south, with the Willamette River and Columbia River bordering the east and north side of the city, respectively. Portland plays host to the Oregon Zoo, the Oregon Convention Center, the Moda Center, the OMSI and the Portland Expo Center. Throughout the greater Portland and Northern Oregon region, Dr. Crokin and Fox Chiropractic are proud to serve its communities.

Our office is located just off the I-5 “Haines St” exit behind Landmark Ford. Dr. Fox and Dr. Crokin know you have a lot of Chiropractors to choose from in Portland and the surrounding areas. We understand you are probably looking for a reliable and safe option for pain relief. It is our personal goal to provide every patient with outstanding customer service and a high level of excellent chiropractic care.

There are many reasons why you are in search of a chiropractor. You may have been rear ended, hurt yourself taking care of home responsibilities, you many have a chronic condition or maybe you have trained to hard at the gym and you are in need of pain relief?

With over 45 years combined experience, we know neck and back pain associated with auto injuries, sports injuries and the rigors of daily living. We know based on plenty of experience all of these reasons can have a huge impact on your life. We have dedicated nearly half a century to understanding how bodies work and what to do when they don’t. Having successfully helped many who feel just like you, we would love the opportunity to help you or point you in the right direction.

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12395 SW 68 Ave
Portland, OR, 97223
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September 2nd, 2016

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Fox Chiropractic

Great chiropractor and massage

Dr. Crokin is very knowledgeable getting quickly to the source of my issues and offering a path to relief from pain. Massage therapy on site. Great location with off street parking and easy access. Worked with me to obtain my medical marijuana card issued from a separate clinic. Highly recommended.

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