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San Francisco doctor- Dr. Weedy Clinic Online


Get Your MMJ Rec in 420 sec 

Prices start at - $39/Year

For RENEWAL  - 20% OFF 

You don`t need to visit an offline clinic or worry about the question "how and where to get a mmj card" Just fill out the form and wait for the doctor's answer, it's simple! 

About Us

1 – We are a 24 hours clinic offering MMJ recommendations without the need of having to go to clinic.

2 – The recommendation will be sent via e-mail once the patient is approved.

3 - The recommendation serves as legal proof that the patient can purchase marijuana from cannibis dispensary.


WHY Dr.Weedy Clinic Online? 

Dr. Weedy is available in your city
Please visit our website to proceed with your medical marijuana card. There are no complex instructions to follow and nothing to download or print.

100% Online 
No need to visit a cannabis clinic. Just answer a few questions and our doctor will evaluate you shortly from the convenience of your home. 
No appointment needed, approved in 5-10 mins.

Prices start at $39/Year
No hidden fees.

12-month medical marijuana recommendation
For Renewal 20% OFF 

HIPAA-Compliant and Secure (your evaluation is confidential and all information is kept between you and the doctor only).

Dr. Weedy provides easy and convenient access to state-licensed doctors, who are comfortable making medical marijuana recommendations to their patients.

With our MMJ recommendation, you can legally purchase medical marijuana from any licensed cannabis dispensary.


Medical Cannabis in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most developed cities in California, which is called the Mecca of liberalism in the United States. The city has a very progressive infrastructure and many headquarters of world-class companies, and even the historical and cultural heritage is one of the richest in the whole country.

The city has the most liberal laws on the use of cannabis for recreational and medical purposes. In order to issue the reference documents or related MMJ ID card required for the purchase of a medicinal weed, as quickly and inexpensively as possible, the best solution would be to use the Dr.Weedy online service. The flexible functionality of the site allows you to quickly get an objective 420 evaluation from qualified doctors and get a prescription or order the issuance of a plastic ID card.


You are welcome: Dr-Weedy.com



Hours Of Operation

  • mon24 hoursOpen Now
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