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Torrance doctor- Dr. Weedy Clinic Online


Get Your MMJ Rec in 420 sec 

Prices start at - $39/Year

For RENEWAL  - 20% OFF 

You don`t need to visit an offline clinic or worry about the question "how and where to get a mmj card" Just fill out the form and wait for the doctor's answer, it's simple! 

About Us

1 – We are a 24 hours clinic offering MMJ recommendations without the need of having to go to clinic.

2 – The recommendation will be sent via e-mail once the patient is approved.

3 - The recommendation serves as legal proof that the patient can purchase marijuana from cannibis dispensary.


WHY Dr.Weedy Clinic Online? 

Dr. Weedy is available in your city
Please visit our website to proceed with your medical marijuana card. There are no complex instructions to follow and nothing to download or print.

100% Online 
No need to visit a cannabis clinic. Just answer a few questions and our doctor will evaluate you shortly from the convenience of your home. 
No appointment needed, approved in 5-10 mins.

Prices start at $39/Year
No hidden fees.

12-month medical marijuana recommendation
For Renewal 20% OFF 

HIPAA-Compliant and Secure (your evaluation is confidential and all information is kept between you and the doctor only).

Dr. Weedy provides easy and convenient access to state-licensed doctors, who are comfortable making medical marijuana recommendations to their patients.

With our MMJ recommendation, you can legally purchase medical marijuana from any licensed cannabis dispensary.


Issuing an MMJ ID card in Torrance

This cozy city is located in the central part of the agglomeration of Greater Los Angeles and is famous for its picturesque beaches and measured cozy atmosphere. The infrastructure of the city pleases both native residents and tourists — there are several representative offices of innovative technology companies in the city, which have a positive effect on the overall welfare of Torrance.

California state laws apply to marijuana use for recreational and medical purposes within borders of the city. To purchase a medicinal weed, you need to have a prescription from a doctor or a special MMJ ID card. Plastic cards are issued by administrative medical institutions throughout the city. You can also visit the website of the Dr.Weedy online service, where, after a short and fast registration process, you can immediately take 420 evaluation from qualified doctors and receive an electronic copy of the reference documents or immediately issue an MMJ card to purchase cannabis at distribution points throughout the city.


You are welcome: Dr-Weedy.com



Hours Of Operation

  • mon24 hoursOpen Now
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