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Dr. Tara Cuda

2230 S Broad St Philadelphia, PA 19145 - Doctor

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Philadelphia Doctor - Dr. Tara Cuda

About Us

Dr. Tara Cuda now offers Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Philadelphia


For residents of Philadelphia who seek to achieve balance and wellness in life, Dr. Tara Cuda now offers medical marijuana recommendations. Dr. Cuda is an experienced internist affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area including Pennsylvania Hospital and Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals. She is kind, comforting, and respectful of her patients. And most importantly, she listens.


Dr. Cuda also understands that proper medical marijuana use requires a working knowledge of cannabis. With each consultation, she sits down with patients on a one-on-one basis to educate them about the various cannabis cultivars, methods by which patients may use cannabis, and the medication’s legislation. Her patients are empowered with cannabis knowledge so they can approach the vast array of medical marijuana treatments with confidence. All Dr. Cuda’s patients are educated about which treatments best combat their conditions. Dr. Tara Cuda’s medical marijuana care is some of the most compassionate and understanding Philadelphia has to offer.


Local Legislation:

Medical marijuana legislation in Philadelphia requires that in order to qualify for cannabis use, patients must prove they suffer from a debilitating condition or disease that results in severe appetite loss, pain, nausea, or PTSD, among a number of other ailments. Pennsylvania also requires that each of its cannabis patients register with the Patients and Caregivers Registry before purchasing treatments.



Dr. Tara Cuda has refined the medical marijuana recommendation process to bring about expedient relief to her patients. The process is simple, patients are encouraged to forst gather pertinent medical documentation describing their chronic conditions. Then, patients need to head online to create a profile with the state’s Patients and Caregivers Registry. When patients have completed these two steps, they may contact Dr. Tara Cuda to schedule an appointment, during which she will review the patient’s medical histories and assess those she finds qualified with recommendations.


To complete the process, patients must then return to the Patients and Caregivers Registry to complete their registration. Afterward, the state will send patients their registry identification, which allows for the legal purchase of cannabis across Pennsylvania.


Service Locations:

Patients can find Dr. Tara Cuda’s medical office in above South Philadelphia between the neighborhoods of Melrose and Lower Moyamensing. Her clinic is right off of South Broad Street and offers some street parking too. From the Delaware Expressway to the I-676 and everywhere in between, no internist stands taller as beacon of hope for Philly patients than Dr. Tara Cuda.


Location Information:

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10:00am -  10:00pm
10:00am -  10:00pm
2230 S Broad St
Philadelphia, PA, 19145
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November 16th, 2017

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