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Dr. Monika Vansant

901 E Passyunk Ave Philadelphia, PA 19147 - Doctor

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Philadelphia Doctor - Dr. Monika Vansant

About Us

Dr. Monika Vansant now offers Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Philadelphia


Dr. Monika Vansant is now offering patients medical marijuana recommendations in Philadelphia at her clinic off East Passyunk Avenue. Dr. Vansant endeavors every day to treat each of her patients with care and understanding. She provides her patients with one-on-one consultations where they can ask questions, air concerns, or dive into important cannabis education topics. Dr. Vansant understands that patients require a working knowledge of cannabis to best select their medications moving forward, an invaluable aspect of medical marijuana.


Dr. Monika Vansant graduated from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and has been practicing family medicine for nearly two decades. She is an experienced physician and can assist patients of any age with medical marijuana recommendations. As one of Philadelphia’s most respected family medicine practitioners, Dr. Monika Vansant has her patients’ best interests at heart. For those curious to learn more, contact Dr. Vansant today. She would love to help in any way she can.


Local Legislation:

Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana legislation requires that patients prove they suffer from a debilitating condition that results in severe pain, PTSD, nausea, or appetite loss, among other conditions, in order to qualify for medical marijuana use. The state also requires each of its patients to register with the Patients and Caregivers Registry before purchasing treatments.



Dr. Monika Vansant makes the process of obtaining a medical marijuana recommendation easy for her patients in Philadelphia. First, she encourages her patients to gather pertinent medical documentation from a primary care provider. Then, patients should head online to create a profile with the state’s Patients and Caregivers Registry. When patients have completed these preliminary steps, they should contact Dr. Monika Vansant to schedule an appointment, during which she will assess qualified patients with medical marijuana recommendations.


To complete the entire process, patients must finish their registration with the Patients and Caregivers Registry in order to receive registry identification. When patients have a recommendation and registry ID, then they can legally and safely purchase treatments across Pennsylvania.


Service Locations:

Dr. Monika Vansant’s practice can be located off East Passyunk Avenue as it crosses Christian Street between the Center City and Passyunk Square neighborhoods. Patients have visited Dr. Vansant from all over Philadelphia — even as far out as Spruce Hill by the University of Pennsylvania. Her reputation for compassion and excellent care precedes her.


Location Information:

One standout spot in Philadelphia is the Barnes Foundation off Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Its geometric facade is striking, but its contents are what make it a world-renowned museum. From Renoir to Cezanne and Matisse, the Barnes Foundation features a depth of work that is unavailable elsewhere. For those looking to take a more tactile trip through time, the Eastern State Penitentiary off Fairmount Avenue offers visitors an in-depth experience within one of the most famous prisons in the world.


10:00am -  10:00pm
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10:00am -  10:00pm
10:00am -  10:00pm
901 E Passyunk Ave
Philadelphia, PA, 19147
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November 16th, 2017

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