Michael Rabinowitz M.D.

3.7 stars by 3 reviews
doctor Bronx, New Yorkmedical
(718) 863-7774
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3.7 stars

Highly Recommend this Doctor!

Dr. Rabinowitz was so helpful throughout my process in discovering medical marijuana! He was very informative and has a great bedside manor (really funny guy). I am in so much less pain because of him, and I am so grateful.

Thorough and informed!

A Dr who knows what he’s doing!

Worst Doctor In New York State

This doctor is a hypocrite! He had dismissed me and refused to continue prescribing me the medication used to treat my chronic debilitating pain, that has resulted in my being bed ridden, unable to live a quality life, unable to care for myself and my children. This doctor refused to continue to prescribe me medication, as he had been doing for over one year. I was forced to drop out of college, give custody of my children to my ex husband, and give up my career, and a lucrative job offer, in finance. I can't physically function, I'm suffering in chronic pain, from documented physical disabilities. This doctor couldn't give me a valid logical reason behind deciding he would not treat me anymore. Now He's offering patients the option of medicinal marijuana, and denying me my right to live a quality life, free from the debilitating pain that I'm in. My life has been destroyed by his decision to refuse to treat me, based on a phony phone call he received, from someone who didn't like me.