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Comprehensive Holistic Health & House Calls

133 Cambridge St Syracuse, NY 13210 - Doctor

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Syracuse Doctor - Comprehensive Holistic Health & House Calls

About Us

Comprehensive Holistic Health & House Calls now provides Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Syracuse


Comprehensive Holistic Health & House Calls in Syracuse now offers patients the opportunity to regain balance and wellness in life through medical marijuana recommendations. At Comprehensive Holistic Health & House Calls, every patient is treated with respect, compassion and discretion. The medical staff understands that a doctor’s visit is often personal in nature, which is why the team treats its patients with kindness and warmth.


Comprehensive Holistic Health & House Calls is headed by Dr. Lynne E. Odell, NP, an expert in palliative and holistic medical care. Not only does Dr. Odell care for her patients in-office, but she makes house calls for those who find themselves stuck behind logistical or medical barriers. This is a clinic that cares. Its medical staff goes above and beyond for its patients, providing them with not just recommendations and renewals, but invaluable cannabis information. Comprehensive Holistic Health & House Calls provides its patients with individualized treatment plans as well as education regarding cannabis’ cultivars, methods of administration and legislation. With this clinic, the grass has become a little greener for all in Syracuse.



To acquire a medical marijuana certification from Comprehensive Holistic Health & House Calls is simple for new patients. Patients are firstly encouraged to gather pertinent medical documentation that describes their chronic condition from a primary care physician. Then, patients should contact Comprehensive Holistic Health & House Calls to schedule an appointment with Dr. Odell where she will assess qualified patients with medical marijuana recommendations. To complete the process, patients must then register with New York’s Medical Marijuana Program to acquire a registry ID card. Once patients have a recommendation and an ID card, they may buy their cannabis treatments across New York.


Local Legislation:

Medical cannabis laws in Syracuse state that patients must suffer from a debilitating or chronic condition that results in severe pain, appetite loss or nausea among others. To learn whether you qualify for cannabis use, contact Dr. Odell at Comprehensive Holistic Health & House Calls in Syracuse.


Service Locations:

Comprehensive Holistic Health & House Calls serves patients throughout Syracuse. From its convenient, centralized location along Cambridge Street, Dr. Odell can reach patients throughout the city with relative ease. If medical or other logistical problems prevent you from reaching a cannabis doctor in Syracuse, this service is for you.


Location Information:

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10:00am -  10:00pm
133 Cambridge St
Syracuse, NY, 13210
Member Since
September 5th, 2017

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