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DoctorsRx Medical Marijuana Centers

3520 NW 43rd St. Gainesville, FL 32606 - Doctor

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Gainesville Doctor - DoctorsRx Medical Marijuana Centers

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Call now to get your free consultation and your Medical Marijuana Card as fast as possible! We have affordable options, flexible face to face or telemedicine doctor consultations, caring physicians and staff, convenient locations to serve you!


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About Us

According to Florida’s Amendment 2, a broad range of medical conditions MAY BE eligible for both the High CBD/Low THC or the Full Strength THC medical marijuana recommendation, including:
● Anxiety
● ALS (Lou Gehrig’s)
● Anorexia
● Arthritis
● Back Pain
● Cachexia (Wasting Syndrome)
● Cancer
● Crohn’s Disease
● Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome
● Diabetes
● Epilepsy
● Glaucoma
● Hepatitis C
● Irritable Bowel Syndrome (with chronic abdominal pain)
● Lyme Disease
● Migraine Headaches
● Multiple Sclerosis
● Muscle Spasms
● Muscular Dystrophy
● Parkinson’s Disease
● Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD)
● Seizures
● Severe & Chronic Pain
● Severe Nausea
● Sickle Cell Anemia
● Spasticity
● Any Terminal Condition
● Other Debilitating Condition of Like, Kind, Or Class



DoctorsRx Medical Marijuana Centers provides Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Gainesville


Residents of Gainesville, Florida who have been seeking alternative pathways to balance and wellness may now obtain medical marijuana recommendations through DoctorsRx Medical Marijuana Centers.The DoctorsRx staff is compassionate, respectful, and most of all, discreet. They understand how personal visits to the doctor’s office are, so they treat their patients with care and warmth.


The team at DoctorsRx in Gainesville goes above and beyond to assist patients throughout the area by offering in-person and digital consultations. Patients who once found themselves stuck behind barriers that prevented them from reaching cannabis doctors no longer need to worry: DoctorsRx can bring the doctor’s office to you. The deeply experienced medical staff at DoctorsRx hails from the medical fields of gastroenterology, pain management, psychiatry, infectious diseases, orthopedics, oncology, and neurology, just to name a few. DoctorsRx’s collective knowledge, experience, and compassion rank this clinic as one of Florida’s most standout recommendation services. Each clinic member has witnessed family members, friends, and patients find happiness with medical marijuana after years of pain and failure with modern medicine.


DoctorsRx staff members in Gainesville will also provide each patient with invaluable cannabis knowledge, including information about its cultivars, legislation, and methods of administration. At DoctorsRx Medical Marijuana Centers, no patient is left behind.


Prospective patients in Gainesville who would like to obtain medical cannabis evaluations with DoctorsRx Medical Marijuana Centers are first encouraged to gather relevant medical information regarding their chronic conditions. Patients are then to schedule an appointment with a DoctorsRx state-certified cannabis doctor who will assess qualified patients with recommendations. To finish the process, patients also need to register with Florida’s Medical Marijuana Use Registry in order to receive a registry ID card. When patients have a recommendation and a registry ID card in hand, they can then legally purchase their treatments around Florida.


Local Legislation:
Medical marijuana laws in Gainesville state that patients need to suffer from a chronic or debilitating condition to qualify for cannabis use. These conditions include PTSD, severe or chronic pain, and appetite loss, among many others. For a complete list and to learn whether you qualify for cannabis use, contact the DoctorsRx team in Gainesville today.


Service Locations:
DoctorsRx Medical Marijuana Centers in Gainesville proudly serves Florida from Arredondo and Archer to Waldo and La Crosse. DoctorsRx allows housebound patients living anywhere from I-24 to I-93 and beyond to acquire medical cannabis certifications from their own homes. DoctorsRx is the go-to evaluation service for compassionate and understanding care in Gainesville.


Location Information:
Gainesville locals will always recommend the Butterfly Rainforest along Hull Road in the Museum of Natural History. This magical garden provides passersby with a calming, eye-opening experience with some of the world’s most beautiful butterflies. And not only that, this museum also offers specialized exhibits from dinosaur fossils to reconstructed mammoths and megalodon jaws — there’s something for everyone!

9:00am -  7:00pm
9:00am -  7:00pm
9:00am -  7:00pm
9:00am -  7:00pm
9:00am -  7:00pm
9:00am -  4:00pm
9:00am -  7:00pm
3520 NW 43rd St.
Gainesville, FL, 32606
Member Since
March 3rd, 2017

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DoctorsRx Medical Marijuana Centers

8 times a year

Give me a break 8 times a year we have to pay to see a Dr for him to say yeah you still have cancer or other issue. Amazon how we have turned or sickness in to a money hungry Societie leeching off everyone . Thomas E. Johnson

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