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4 months ago
5 stars

Efficient and Informative

Dr. Magsino, was super knowledgeable and very nice. She answered my questions and made me feel heard, she was also very efficient I was in and out of the office within about 15 minutes. I would recommend them for sure if you're looking for efficient and informative.
5 months ago
5 stars

Easy, informative, pricing

Going to any doctor is uneasy for me. The receptionist took me in immediately and gave me a packet, then explained the entire process for the day. The packet tells you exactly what to do for health department after approval from the doctor and information on mmj. The waiting area is filled with brochures and deals for dispensaries in the area. You fill out an intake for prior to the appointment which streamlines the appointment with the doctor. The doctor was easy to talk to and answered more than the questions I had. She had me check to make sure I got the emails needed to complete the process prior to leaving. In Florida you have to see the doctor every 7 months. You can pay them the fee up front or every month depending on you budget for their services and to remain in good standing. I was early for my appointment and done in about 15 min total. Customer service is above par.
7 months ago
5 stars

Best Doctors in town...!

Called Docmj yesterday for a my 7 month appt. because my current meds expired that day. I explained that to the Client specialist Vanessa and she setup a telemedicine appointment for me and within an hour I seen the doc and my meds were updated. So happy and appreciative to have a provider that cares. Thank you Docmj!
9 months ago
5 stars

Best clinic around! Friendly and informative

Had a great consultation with Dr.Zelikovsky and she was awesome! So friendly and knowledgeable on cannabis, made me feel at ease and comfortable, so thankful for her and DocMj!
11 months ago
5 stars

My experience with DOCMJ and Dr. Shirley Zelikovsk

I'm a patient in California, and it's by that metric of which I measure the experience. In California, it's SO EASY to get your card. a 5 minute Skype call to a doc, and they email you your card for use immediately. all this for $45 for the year! Florida (not the smartest state which we clearly see through the COVID pandemic) they are also really behind on access to medical cannabis. They are doing whatever they can to squeeze every penny out of the patients and are restricting access to affordable care by limiting the medical cannabis licenses available. On top of that, they force you to go see a doctor in person to attempt to get your card. Then you have to wait 1-2 weeks for the email for your confirmation that you got approved, and then another 30-90 days for your physical card. it's a trash process, but Shirley made the experience calming and was very matter-of-fact and compassionate to my needs. Highly recommend her, but not Floriduh as a place to live, it's trash.
1 year ago
4 stars

They Hooked Me Up

Making an appointment was easy. I went in, gave all the necessary info & was out in 30 minutes. Very helpful, affordable, and helpful.