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1919 NE 45th St, Suite 117 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 - Doctor

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Fort Lauderdale Doctor - DocMJ

First-Time Patients

First-time patients are welcome here at DocMJ! Just go to to see if you qualify for a Medical Marijuana recommendation today! You can book an appointment to come see Dr Wahlestedt online after you have completed the qualification survey


If you have any questions about the process, price, or need to book an appointment, please call 888.908.0143 in order to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members or you can also text us on the company textline at 727.240.3465.

About Us

DocMJ now offers Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Fort Lauderdale

Ailing residents of Florida living in Fort Lauderdale may now find truly compassionate care through DocMJ and its medical marijuana recommendation service. The DocMJ team has been united by the experience of witnessing patients fall to the wayside as they struggled to find relief through modern medicine only to discover medical cannabis was the answer. They’ve arrived in Fort Lauderdale to assist these people in regaining control of their lives.

The DocMJ team throughout Florida is headed by Dr. Jack Rothman, a Diplomate of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. His expertise is complemented by Dr. Daniel Rodriguez, board certified in Family Medicine, and Dr. Michael Bruno, board certified in Internal Medicine. The DocMJ team abides by three core virtues: kindness, compassion, and empathy. They know how personal medical visits are for folks, so they endeavor to handle each patient with the utmost respect and care. They also empower their patients through cannabis education, by helping them understand the differences between cultivars and how they affect Florida’s qualifying conditions.

DocMJ operates an open text line for its patients in Fort Lauderdale, encouraging them to use it should they need assistance from a medical professional. Also, Florida veterans receive recommendations at a discounted rate and local Cannamons can get their recommendations free! Patients who do not qualify for cannabis use will not need to pay for their consultation either. Fort Lauderdale is a bit greener with DocMJ.

Local Legislation:
Medical cannabis laws in Florida are implemented by the Office of Medical Marijuana Use. Cannabis patients across the state are required to register with this office in order to receive their registry ID cards, which allows legal access to cannabis treatments. And, take note Fort Lauderdale patients: chronic pain has been added to Florida’s list of qualifying conditions! For more information, contact DocMJ.

Obtaining a medical marijuana recommendation through DocMJ’s streamlined service is simple for patients. First, DocMJ recommends patients gather relevant medical information describing their chronic conditions. Then, patients must contact DocMJ to schedule an appointment for a consultation with one of their state-approved cannabis doctors. The doctor will review the patients’ information and assess those qualified with medical marijuana recommendations. To finish the process, patients must register with Florida’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use. For more information or assistance regarding this procedure, contact DocMJ in Fort Lauderdale today.

Service Locations:
DocMJ is proud to serve Fort Lauderdale with excellence and compassion. Patients from Plantation and Washington Park are more than welcome to drive in for their medical marijuana recommendation needs. DocMJ’s physicians are caring and personable; patients have driven in to Fort Lauderdale for DocMJ’s services from as distant as Pompano Beach and even Pembroke Pines. As Fort Lauderdale’s premier medical cannabis evaluation service, DocMJ’s reputation precedes them.

Location Information:
Fort Lauderdale is world-renowned for its beach: the Fort Lauderdale Beach. It’s appeared on countless magazine covers over the years; white sand backdropped by a streak of lush palm trees all bathed in Florida sunlight. This beach is an absolute treasure. Locals highly recommend Las Olas Boulevard for its live music, eclectic collection of boutiques, and phenomenal food.

9:00am -  5:00pm
9:00am -  5:00pm
9:00am -  5:00pm
9:00am -  5:00pm
9:00am -  5:00pm
1919 NE 45th St, Suite 117
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33308
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April 4th, 2017

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