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    What happened to Customer Service?!?!?

    I called these folks yesterday and told them I was headed their way and was told that I needed to be there by 5:00 in order to see the Doctor. After driving for 45 minutes I then called from the car to say that I was having trouble finding the place and that the GPS had led me to a residential neighborhood… The young lady asked; “Did you put ‘Way’ as the street type?” I said I just cut and pasted it DIRECTLY from WeedMaps. She said “we have no power over what address weedmaps puts on their site” and “Can you just come by tomorrow”? So, clearly they knew that “Way” being added to their address was going to land you in a residential area… Wouldn’t you think that if there was a KNOWN issue with a PUBLISHED address that they might take steps to make sure people aren’t driving around the wrong neighborhood?!?! Also, if you are aware of the problem… It would probably be good to have a game plan for people that do get the wrong location information… How about saying: “I am so sorry for the mix-up… How about if you come by tomorrow and we can give you a discount”, or “So sorry for the inconvenience, you aren’t far from our actual location… We will wait an extra 10 minutes to take care of you”.
    I have to say that the pot industry as a whole is lacking customer service… There are a few places that believe in, and give good service… But there are far more that just don’t care! Really sad.