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766 N Sun Drive Suite 1060 Lake Mary, FL 32746 - Doctor

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Lake Mary Doctor - Canna-Doctor, Inc

About Us

Canna-Doctor, Inc. now offers Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Sanford


Residents of Florida in search of healthier living through alternative and effective means can now acquire medical marijuana recommendations through Canna-Doctor, Inc. in Sanford. Canna-Doctor, Inc. is a credible, confidential, and compassionate medical marijuana evaluation service that specializes in patient-first care.


Canna-Doctor, Inc.’s founder and CEO is Treyous Jarrells, an ex-NCAA football star from Colorado State University with enormous NFL prospects who quit to advocate on behalf of medical marijuana. He launched a cultivation business and has now expanded into providing Florida residents with medical marijuana recommendations, renewals, and cannabis education through Canna-Doctor, Inc. Jarrells takes his advocacy a step further by also hosting marijuana seminars across Florida schools to teach students about medical marijuana. In keeping with Jarrells’ advocacy and forward-thinking, Canna-Doctor, Inc.’s on-staff medical marijuana doctors believe in spreading balance, wellness, and cannabis awareness. Canna-Doctor, Inc. is a bright green beacon of hope for residents all across Florida.


The medical staff at Canna-Doctor, Inc. abides closely by patient-first philosophies and treats each of its patients with respect and discretion. To help support the cause and to spread cannabis awareness through education across Florida, contact Canna-Doctor, Inc. today to schedule an appointment to obtain a medical marijuana recommendation.



The process for acquiring a medical marijuana recommendation through Cann-Doctor, Inc. is simple and streamlined for patients. Prospective patients are first encouraged to gather relevant medical documentation describing their chronic conditions before contacting Cann-Doctor, Inc. to schedule an appointment. At the consultation, a state-certified cannabis doctor will review patients’ information to determine medical cannabis eligibility. Those who are deemed eligible will be assessed with recommendations. Patients must then register with Florida’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use to receive a registry ID card. Once patients have their ID cards and recommendations, they can purchase their treatments across the state.


Local Legislation:

Medical cannabis legislation in Florida requires that patients suffer from a debilitating condition such as nausea, severe pain, and even PTSD, among many other ailments. To learn whether you qualify for medicinal marijuana use, contact the wonderful folks at Cann-Doctor, Inc. in Sanford.


Service Locations:

Cann-Doctor, Inc. is proud to serve the Sanford region of Florida. From Lake Monroe to Lake Jesup and everywhere in between, patients from all across Sanford have received medical marijuana recommendations from the stellar crew at Cann-Doctor, Inc. This clinic’s quality of service, its expediency, and its understanding rank it as one of Florida’s best.


Location Information:

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8:00am -  8:00pm
8:00am -  8:00pm
8:00am -  8:00pm
8:00am -  8:00pm
8:00am -  8:00pm
8:00am -  8:00pm
8:00am -  8:00pm
766 N Sun Drive Suite 1060
Lake Mary, FL, 32746
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October 23rd, 2017

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