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First-Time Patients

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A patient qualified to receive an order for the clause 2 medication, as written by law, must:

● Be a permanent resident of Florida.
● Be a patient of the ordering physician for at least 3 months
● Be diagnosed with a qualifying physical medical condition

About Us

If you are a Florida resident begin seeing a physician who has been approved by the state of FL for Amendment 2 certifications, you may be eligible to receive a medical certification after 90 days of treatment with a qualifying condition.

Canna Clinicians is a Fort Lauderdale Medical Marijuana Clinic

Canna Clinicians is a full-service clinic that that offers medical marijuana evaluations and doctor’s letter of recommendation to use cannabis for qualifying Florida patients. Fort Lauderdale patients interested in integrating medical cannabis into their health routine can connect with a certified marijuana doctor part of Canna Clinicians team. Their marijuana doctors are only interested in the health of their Fort Lauderdale patients and will discuss best practice for medicating with cannabis while being mindful of current medications the patient may be taking. Canna Clinicians presents Fort Lauderdale patients an alternative to pharmaceutical medication and their full-service marijuana clinic gives Florida patients a comprehensive perspective of their well-being.

This medical practice is a full-service clinic as well as a medical marijuana clinic, the services provided that do not involve medical cannabis may be covered by insurance. Canna Clinicians - Fort Lauderdale have set up an easy process for Florida patients obtaining a letter of recommendation to use marijuana. This two step process begins the patient's first appointment through video conferencing and 90 days later, schedules an in-person evaluation where the marijuana doctor issues the qualifying patient their letter of recommendation. Fort Lauderdale patients can access Canna Clinician's marijuana doctors by appointment only and must complete the initial online evaluation before being issued their doctor's letter of recommendation for marijuana.

Local Legislation:
In Florida, the Department of Health operates under the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014 as well as the expanded parameters of Amendment 2. The Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative allows Florida patients with debilitating conditions to possess, transport, and use medical marijuana. The Florida Department of Health has established the Department of Compassionate Use to manage the cannabis program in Florida and is currently finalizing and updating the regulations. Canna Clinicians encourages Fort Lauderdale marijuana patients to check the Florida’s Office of Compassionate Use website to remain informed and up-to-date the latest Florida cannabis laws.

Service Location:
Canna Clinicians - Fort Lauderdale is pleased to connect Florida patients with compassionate and caring marijuana doctors. Floridians in Victoria Park, Lauderdale Beach, and Flagler Village are welcomed to obtain their letter of recommendation through Canna Clinicians. Canna Clinicians would love to see Coral Ridge, Sunset, and Poinsettia Heights patients as well. The marijuana doctors of Canna Clinicians are eager to aid Sailboat Bend, Las Olas Isles, and Colee Hammock patients as well. Those in Poinciana Park, Riviera Isles, and Galt Mile are invited to Canna Clinicians telemedical appointments. Shady Banks, Coral Ridge Isles, and Tarpon River patients can find relief through medical cannabis. Lauderdale Isles, Seven Isles, and Bermuda Riviera patients can learn more about medical marijuana from Canna Clinicians’ experienced marijuana doctors. Those seeking a marijuana recommendation in Melrose Manors, Sunrise Intracoastal, and Sunrise Key can turn to Canna Clinicians for help.

Location Information:
Sprawling with beaches and boating canals, Fort Lauderdale is home to many upscale restaurants and shops. Fort Lauderdale is located along the southeastern coast of Florida and nestled between Pompano Beach and Sunrise further inland. The Strip is a promenade containing outdoor restaurants, bars, five-star hotels, and boutiques.

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April 27th, 2017

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Canna Clinicians

Easier than California

I'm from California and I thought this was a much easier process. The 90 days thing sucks but that's the law in Florida.

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