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Get your Florida Medical Cannabis recommendation in 5 easy steps!


With the advancements of modern technology, you can now have your very first appointment from the comfort of you home, workplace, or where ever you may choose!

About Us

With our physicians you can accommodate your doctor’s visit into your busy schedules, thanks to the advances made with telemedicine.

Canna Clinicians brings your doctor to you! Contact us to find out more.
With the passing of Amendment 2, Floridians are now able to qualify for Compassionate Care Act.

Amendment 2, and the expanded qualifying medical conditions, became effective as of January 3, 2017. Section 381.986 F.S. remains in effect and the Florida Department of Health, physicians, dispensing organizations, and patients remain obligated to obey existing law and rule. The Department of Health is committed to expediting the process and move into rule-making to create a regulatory structure for Amendment 2.

Canna Clinicians is a Miami Beach Medical Marijuana Clinic

Canna Clinicians asks Miami Beach patients in need of medical marijuana not to be shy, their team of professional and caring marijuana doctors are eager to help. Miami Beach patients that are seeking natural, alternative treatment to pain management or other qualifying conditions can discuss with one of Canna Clinicians’ Florida certified marijuana doctors about integrating marijuana into their health routine. For the cannabis doctors at Canna Clinicians, aiding the patient to the best of their ability is their goal. Their focus is wider than just medical marijuana, and Canna Clinicians works diligently to promote the overall health of their Miami Beach cannabis patients.

Canna Clinicians - Miami Beach have devised a two-step process for certifying qualifying Miami patients with a doctor’s letter of recommendation. Miami Beach patients start by visiting Canna Clinicians website and completing the first telemedical evaluation. Patient's first appointment with the marijuana doctor will be via video conference. 90 day’s after the patient’s first telemedical appointment the in-person appointment will take place, where the marijuana doctor issues the patient their letter of recommendation.

Local Legislation:
Florida’s Department of Health is responsible for operating under the Compassionate Use Act of 2014 as well as Amendment 2. In Florida Amendment 2 was voter-enacted on November 8th of 2016. Amendment 2 expanded upon the already existing medical marijuana laws in Florida. These protect qualified medical marijuana patients, caregivers, and marijuana doctor’s rights to the use, transportation, or issuance of medical cannabis.

Service Location:
Canna Clinicians is pleased to offer their services to offer their telemedical marijuana services to patients in South, North, and Mid-Beach. Those located in the Flamingo/Lummus, Biscayne Point or Normandy Shores have access to Canna Clinicians team of marijuana doctors. La Gorce, City Center, and Sunset Harbor patients are can also connect with a cannabis physician thought Canna Clinicians online platform. Patients in West Avenue and Normandy Isles are invited to the Canna Clinicians website to see if medical marijuana is right for them. Additionally, Miami patients in Nautilus, Atlantic Heights, and South Pointe are free to connect with a cannabis doctor through Canna Clinicians.

Location Information:
Miami Beach is an Island town located in the southern area of Florida, connected by bridges to the island to Miami, Florida’s mainland. Palm trees line the parks from Lummus Park to South Point Park. The Art Deco Historic District offers up 1920’s architecture in pastel colored buildings. The southern portion of Miami Beach, or “South Beach” is known for being a choice vacation destination for a host of celebrities and models.

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Miami Beach, FL, 33139
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April 27th, 2017

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Canna Clinicians

What a lovely and hassle free experience.

I was very anxious to begin the process, but once I did it was extremely easy going.

Had a wonderful experience with staff and doctors alike. Would highly recommend! 😁

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