Canna Care Docs (Bangor)

3.7 stars by 25 reviews
doctor Bangor, Mainemedical
(207) 286-9000
Closed10:00am - 4:00pm

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3.7 stars


NP was easy to deal with. Plus they dont gouge you a huge price. $59 for an appt. Very reasonable.

Great Experience!

Very informative, friendly, professional. Glad I went the knowledge gained was well worth the time!


went there 2 years ago brought in my paper work cause I have stage iv lung cancer never got my 150 bucks back.


$140 to renew your license. Absolutely crazy! Cheapmedcards is $59 & does telemedicine 7 days a week

Thank you

Great experience, very knowledgeable and professional


Took the time to answer any questions I may have had

0 stars

went here a little over a year ago and had a fine experience. They needed noise machines and the office wasn’t the easiest to find but no real complaints. They seem to have a new receptionist, or one I had never dealt with before. I agree with the other reviews, she’s very condescending with her mannerisms, speaking especially about her need to interrupt me. I seriously did not even finish one sentence or get to answer one question without being interrupted. To the point where another employee came out to stare at how incredibly rude she was being towards me. Although, the other employee did not help the situation by allowing it to continue and staring. As someone who suffers from PTSD and depression, this is not the experience I should have received when seeking treatment, no one should. It got to a point where I was starting to experience a panic attack at the front desk and the woman continued to berate me as I was leaving. I mean seriously, how do you have to be so rude to someone for no reason? Do you not understand that it is discouraging at the very least? This is a doctors office, not a stage to play out your highs hook style dramatics and attitude. Get a new receptionist with actual human decency. People come here to treat their problems, not to be treated like a problem. Go f* yourselves

Thank you Canna Care

Very helpful..

Very helpful

I had a great experience here! Everyone was very helpful and experienced! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get your medical marijuana card!


Very helpful and friendly! 💜

Overly friendly staff

I am a patient here. I sent a good friend here to acquire his medical card. He got his card...and also got solicited by the woman at the front desk. She gave him her number- it’s ***-***-1336. Ridiculously unprofessional. I’ll be seeking my renewal elsewhere.

rip offs

that's right best is not

Five stars all around.

They went out of their way to make me feel supremely welcomed and appreciated. I appreciated their swiftness, cordialness, and knowledgeability.


Very easy to use website and helpful staff who care about there patients.

Stress free!

This visit was by far the best of them all! It wasn't too busy, and the staff answered ALL of my questions! (I HAD A LOT!) The girls there are really compassionate and kind, and if I had to do it all over again, I would!

The best in the business

The staff here are completely welcoming. We felt right at home in the environment! Not only did they exceed every expectation, but they were pleasant and personable as well! We had such a great time learning all about Cannabis, and the Nurse Practitioner was such a sweetheart! 10/10 will return! They have super convenient hours, and gave us lots of great options on where to get our medicine from. Seriously couldn't be more impressed with a doctors office.

Consistentsy is an issue ...

They're open so little as it is and sometimes the Dr. will float out of the office without posting anything-- leaving patients to show up from who knows where without the care they need. If you're a business with limited walk in space, AT LEAST show up when you have walk in space advertised. Please. Also, a noise machine would work wonders. You can hear basically every word spoken from the office while you're waiting.

They tried to get away with ripping people off...

When I attended this facility the doctor was unexpectedly out of the office-- but was still doing teleconferences (she was in her vehicle. ) There had been no posting anywhere on their website leading to this effect. I was told that I wouldn't be able to get my card that day even though I would be billed the full amount as though I had been able to pick up my card​ that day and see somebody in person. When I explained that I refused to pay the full amount and I expected to only be billed the amount that they would normally charge for telemedicine, one of the workers walked out back and called the doctor. The whole waiting room could hear as she said that a "patient was flipping out because she couldn't get the card today" This was frustrating as I was just advocating for myself, in a calm respectful manner. ( explaining verbetim: if teleconference normally only cost $99, it's ludicrous to charge me $199 today.) When the rep returned, all of us in the waiting room paid $99.

Not satisfied

I found the receptionist to be rude both times that I have gone in so far. When you ask a question and you get a condescending response from a very condescending person it can be very discouraging. I thought places like this were set up to help people like me but in reality they don't really seem to care about the individual patients. Canna Care was supposed to be for the advocacy of the patients, but your staff has proven otherwise.

telemedicine a good option

telemedicine worked for me on my recertification and it saved me money. Cannacare has always worked with me and been both helpful and informative. A very good experience one year in and no prescriptions other than cannabis. thank you Cannacare.