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5200 SW 8th St Suite 119-120 Coral Gables, FL 33134 - Doctor

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Coral Gables Doctor - Canna Care Docs

About Us

We've just landed in the Miami area! The Florida medical marijuana program has been difficult to navigate, but we can help. Please call us today to set up an appointment, or speak to someone about how we can guide you through the process.

Canna Care Docs is a Coral Gables Medical Cannabis Evaluation Center

Canna Care Docs is dedicated to providing medical cannabis recommendations to Coral Gables patients with qualifying conditions. Their medical cannabis center is part of MedEval, an organization committed to qualifying patients in need throughout the country. Coral Gables patients are provided a pathway to holistic wellness through medical cannabis treatments thanks to the compassionate team of Canna Care Docs. Their medical cannabis evaluation center connects Coral Gables patients with legitimate physicians eager to assist their patients achieve a higher quality of life through natural cannabinoid therapies. Canna Care Docs is a safe place, Coral Gables patents can find professional consultations without judgment or stigmatization, and their marijuana doctors focus on patients wellness foremost.

Coral Gables patients seeking relief through medical cannabis are welcomed to connect with Canna Care Docs for their medical cannabis recommendation. To set up an appointment with at their medical marijuana evaluation center, simply call their office or visit their website. The patient will need to provide their medical records indicating a diagnosis of their qualifying condition. If they do not have physical copies of their medical records, the patient has the option to allow Canna Care Docs to obtain them and will have to sign the appropriate medical information release for them to do so. Upon arrival, the patient will need to provide a government-issued ID or driver’s license and complete the initial paperwork. Then the patient will meet with a Canna Care Docs Vitals Consultant who will check the patient's’ vitals and review the patient’s paperwork. At that time the Vitals Consultant will also discuss Florida’s medical program, safe access, and applicable laws as well as provide information on medical cannabis use, the potential risks, and side effects. From there, the patient will visit with one of Canna Care Docs licensed physicians to review the patient’s medical history and various treatment options that best suit their condition. After the patient receives their letter of recommendation, the Canna Care Docs staff remains available to the patient for follow-up or additional questions.

Service Locations
Canna Care Docs is proud to offer the services of their medical cannabis evaluation center to those throughout the Coral Gables area. Those in Gables Estates, Coral Groves, and French Normandy Village are welcomed to see if they could benefit from medical cannabis use at this marijuana evaluation center. Canna Care Docs practitioners are eager to aid those with qualifying conditions in French Country Village, Coral Gables Station, and Baker Homestead. Coconut Grove Manor, Southeast Gables, and Riviera patients managing one of the qualifying conditions are invited to come to Canna Care Docs for a medical cannabis evaluation. Those who reside in the Italian Village, Deering Bay, or Coral Estates interested in integrating medical cannabis treatments are encouraged to receive their doctor’s letter of recommendation at Canna Care Docs.

Location Information
Filled with tree-lined streets and Mediterranean-style buildings, Coral Gables is a seaside town in Florida due south of Miami. Along Miracle Mile is a myriad of chic boutiques, jewelers, and upscale home decor stores. The Miracle Theater is an Actors’ Playhouse that stages musicals and comedy productions. For the perfect atmosphere for lounging check out the spring sourced Venetian Pool, complete with waterfalls, grottos and beautiful tropical foliage. Another outdoor space to rest in is Matheson Hammock Park, 630-acres of quiet and serenity.

10:00am -  4:00pm
10:00am -  4:00pm
10:00am -  4:00pm
5200 SW 8th St Suite 119-120
Coral Gables, FL, 33134
Member Since
July 6th, 2017

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