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Bluestar Medical, PA

4101 N Hospital Dr. Ste 211 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33317 - Doctor

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Fort Lauderdale Doctor - Bluestar Medical, PA

About Us

Bluestar Medical now offers Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Fort Lauderdale


Residents of Florida in search of happiness and health through an alternative and safe means can now obtain medical marijuana recommendations through Bluestar Medical, PA in Fort Lauderdale. The expert medical team behind Bluestar Medical abides by patient-first philosophies; they treat their patients with care, respect, and discretion. Bluestar Medical’s team understands that a trip to the doctor’s office is often personal in nature so they welcome their patients with warmth and understanding.


Bluestar Medical’s team is lead by Dr. Marsh, a graduate of Nova Southeastern University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine and a board-certified expert in family and addiction medicines. His expertise is unparalleled in the Fort Lauderdale region, making Bluestar Medical one of Fort Lauderdale’s most valuable medical marijuana evaluation services. He and his team help patients by empowering them with invaluable cannabis knowledge including information regarding its legislation, cultivars, and methods of administration. Dr. Marsh and his team will also assist patients by providing them with individualized treatment plans which he and his patients can work together to perfect over time through one-on-one consultations.


Bluestar Medical offers much more than just medical marijuana recommendations. This is a comprehensive clinic with some of Florida’s most robust care for the entire family. Bluestar Medical offers convenient same-day scheduling and low wait times because each of Bluestar Medical’s team members understands how valuable and important time is. For streamlined, high-quality care at the hands of some of Florida’s best, choose Bluestar Medical, PA in Fort Lauderdale.



Obtaining a medical marijuana recommendation from Bluestar Medical in Fort Lauderdale is a simple process for prospective patients. First, patients are encouraged to gather relevant medical documentation describing their chronic conditions before contacting Bluestar Medical to schedule an appointment with one of their state-certified cannabis doctors. The state-certified doctor will then review patients’ medical histories to determine medical marijuana eligibility. Patients who are found to be eligible will be assessed with recommendations; they will also be assisted through registering with Florida’s Office of Compassionate Use. Once patients have completed registration and received registry ID, they may then purchase their cannabis treatments across the state.


Local Legislation:

Medical cannabis legislation in Florida states that patients must suffer from a chronic or debilitating condition that results in severe pain, PTSD, appetite loss, or nausea among others. To learn whether you qualify for medical marijuana use, contact the helpful folks at Bluestar Medical in Fort Lauderdale.


Service Locations:

Patients all across Fort Lauderdale can take advantage of Bluestar Medical’s personalized care. Dr. Marsh will work with patients anywhere across the state to help them with their medical marijuana treatments. From Plantation and Sunrise to Pompano Beach, Bluestar Medical stands as a beacon of hope for all.


Location Information:

Fort Lauderdale is never short on activities for locals or visitors to enjoy. From Fort Lauderdale Beach to Las Olas Beach, any stretch of sand east of Fort Lauderdale will offer beachgoers a wonderfully idyllic day at the beach. Visitors also recommend a trip down Las Olas Boulevard which really lights up at dusk. Be sure to take a camera to capture the riverside promenade at its finest!

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4101 N Hospital Dr. Ste 211
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33317
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November 30th, 2017

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