Salmon River OG


Salmon River OG, an indica dominant strain, is an ideal strain for indica lovers. Its parents are Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Blue Heron. Salmon River OG consists of herbal, earthy and berry flavors and may produce the effects of focus, relaxation, happiness and sleepiness. This strain is recommended for those with insomnia, stress, depression, fatigue and various pains. Salmon River OG is known to be an excellent reliever, however it may leave you couch-locked due to its intense indica buzz. The most common negatives this strain may cause are dry mouth and dry eyes, so be mindful of your dosage! 

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    5 stars


    This is one of the BEST strands I’ve ever had! It’s a head high and it will knock you on your ass if you aren’t careful. Definitely one of my favorites!!!

    smooth indica

    It's smooth!! A true indica OG.. Have to say excellent job to the growers of this one.

    Salmon River !!

    I had read a couple reviews and I’ve heard tell this is one of those Heirloom strains I had heard of its existence back in 2001 but I could not get my hands on any but I’m very impressed with the flower it’s grown beautifully and has been meticulously manicured as well the smell is very pungent almost a slight chemical smell but not sure may just be the kush smell that we all love anyway slow to come on but when it does you will start ranting in a review as we have sure done here so I’m out hope you guys get to try Salmon River if you get a chance to get your hands on some don’t pass it up you’ll be sorry hope my review helps guys o and by the way all pain anxiety nausea all gone great nor medicine
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