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4.8 stars by 94 reviews
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4.8 stars

Sad times for Zenity (r.i.p Zenity)

O STARS FOR CURALEAF AND 5 STARS FOR OLD ZENITY AND STAFF.Ever since the Curaleaf grand opening All the specials magically stopped and it’s unfortunate because this place and all the staff are among my favorite and it’s understandable how a big corporate company like Curaleaf would want to buy Zenity out but they completely messed up this dispensary and I have been around visiting dispensaries that have now been bought out by Curaleaf and they are all the same in which Curaleaf completely took all the essence and the good vibes out of these shops like they did with Zenity And making the shops into a corporate medical cannabis spot that you do not want to go in there and buy your meds from with the only good vibes coming from the bud tenders that will also probably eventually be replaced with workers from Colorado lol.p.s the new Curaleaf reward system is a joke and a insult...1$ credit for every 20$ you spend??so the only reward is 5$off 100$purchase???major joke.

Deli style!

Since I’ve become a card holder I have been on the look for the best store front that has consistent good flower, I have had my favorite until I stepped in to this store. Deli style is what I’ve been looking for a true dispensary non of that corporate brand stale as shit. I love how you can see the flower in front of you see them put it in the bench in front of you, non the less the staff was terrific. Fantastic. But I’ve seen that they have been purchased by a big company. Curaleaf! Hopefully this does not change the quality of this small little hidden jewel in g-burg. If so I will continue my search. Hopefully the owner will open another storefront else where hopefully close.

so scared I think I lost my spot

oh no instantly with the new company the instantly forgot about the little guy to all the deals away for your regular customer no deals unless you spend over $125 I think it's craziness what are they going to jack the price up on HMS flower or two I really really hope they don't fuk with the good thing that they have most of their customers don't spend $125 they spend enough for an eighth or quarter come on guys it's not looking good already please don't fuck up a good thing
Curaleaf - Airpark
@Chad666 We didn't change anything but the paint and the name as of right now. Also, this week, every patient gets the new patient 25% off on the first visit. This $125 required spend is news to us, we don't know anything about it. Give us a visit, check it out.
Official Response

Keep it the same

Hype it all you want, but this make me nervouse. Curaleaf taking a big bite out of what is great! (can't blame them) Zenity still is phenomenal. Intelligent staff that isn't rude or obnoxious but rather caring and compassionate. Prices that were for all ranges. Please keep it the same! Don't change it to a script and force them to sound like car sales men. Your facebook already sounds like a roboanswer. To every comment you have the same answer , what do you do copy and paste? I bet it's someone not even in the store. It's not just business for some of us, it's medicine that makes life manageable. Change a little but please keep it the same-

Trifecta, U knOW!! 😂🤣😂

When I call a dispensary one of the worst things in the world for me to receive is lack of information or misinformation. Not a problem @ Zenity/Curlf/Snouffer. Time and Time again, I have called with ALL types of questions and brotha man never misses a beat. I mean from the first day he started. Honest, congenial, intelligent, hard working & grateful; that's Edwin bro! One minute this dude is answering your questions on the phone, then you walk in and he's checking you in; let's not stop there. Walk thru the secure doors and he becomes your Budtender. For being the FNG, 😂🤣😂 this dude is well beyond his TOTJ. A jack of all trades here, Edwin has continually expressed his passion for this Industry by showering his customers with CannaCare. If you have a question, he'll find the answer. The crew at Zenity/Curlf is ELITE, no people or place better; I think Pin may have rubbed off on him a little. Lol. Front desk agent, Patient advisor and Budtender

best selection and nicest people

nick is a great guy when you meet a man with the beard as full red fair and true as him, you know youve found good people. It is the only place I shop. I smoke a lot everything I ask these people their advice is always gold. they are polite and courteous and make sure you come back
Steve McLeod

Best dispensary on earth!!!!!

Doesn’t get any better than Zenity and Nick, the manager!!!! Love this place!!!


They have awesome deals and some really great flower and concentrates available at reasonable prices. Staff are always incredibly friendly and helpful!

Deals and Great People

Everyone at Zenity is warm and really believe in the product they’re selling, awesome place to shop.

Improper meds and rude staff

Posted a review a while back about improper meds. The cannabis was too wet to even burn properly. Past that the staff wanted to tell me I was wrong so I had an outside source check their meds to find it failed for pesticides and was a disingenuous thc level. I’ve given them a second chance today for a sale on an ounce special. This store did nothing to confirm my patient registeration was up to date and dismissed me at the door due to an issue with my card. I tried to explain their mistake to them to no avail and was rudely asked to leave the store. I then went to their sister location over in Gaithersburg. They even tried to call the location before I made it there telllikg them not to serve me. They looked up my info and let me in no questions asked! I believe their location wants to take my business for pointing out their flaws to there very very rude and arrogant manager . One who lacks knowledge of cannabis in the first place and isn’t qualified for her position. This is a joke of a dispensary. If your lucky enough to deal with pin or heather then u might find a decent experience but aside from that this dispo is trash
Curaleaf - Airpark
@Eash95, You were turned away because your state issued ID was not valid. Please contact a manger at either location
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Super friendly staff

It’s nice to not feel weird when buying cannabis. Staff is very good with recommendations and keeps a friendly atmosphere with customers. Only thing is I wish it was the same size as The Gaithersburg location. Otherwise it’s great!!

Love this place

Best shatter game

Great service

Love it here only place I’ll go to.. great customer service


Today was my first visit to Zenity and I have found my dispensary. Top shelf flower amazing staff so hopeful and friendly great with suggestions . Felt like I was hanging out with friends ! Best staff best prices and of course the high quality deli weed is the best !!!! Highly recommend to anyone !!

ALWAYS tip your BUDtender!

Started with the Russell Ave location, then this 1 opened . I could walk here from my home. PIN is the Man! HANNAH is the sweetest! NICK is the best! Just helped my 2 friends get legal this will be our 1st stop together. Cuz Kind, friendly,patient & educational. Went in today to fill up my on Carts EDWIN and NICK gave me an education and saved me some serious money. It was one of those moments where I could have spent more but honesty gave me another option . Always tip your BARtender right!?!?this is exactly that! See you on Friday!

Oh Zen Goodness OZG

Continuously, repeatedly, time and time again HMS Health growers surprise and never disappoint. From Salmon River to Afghani to Bully Kush to Brenda's Gift to Papaya Sorbet, these HMS Health MD grown strains are potent. Each ring true to their phenotype and others like Sweeties, MAC 8 & 10 are just hands down HMS phenoms. I love their patient advisors, marijuana & growers; OZG!! 🎆💥

Best dispensary in town

They have the best prices and selection in the area, there sales staff are really knowledgeable!

This place is great

I love the deli style, it’s awesome having it weighed out in front of you so you can see exactly what you’re getting. The HMS deli flower is so good, HMS has always been a favorite grower of mine though. Really nice budtenders and a comfortable environment. Great deals and an amazing rewards program. Very refreshing after switching from my hometown dispensary where I spent thousands and only got a 10% discount every $500. Keep it up 👍

the best

I love everything about this place they staff is so friendly all the time always so helpful and it feels like home

great dispensary

Doc Smacked recommended I come up and check out the sales they were having, the staff was very knowledgeable, helped me decide on what sort of RSO would help me most.