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In-store purchases only



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7 years ago
2.2 stars

Decent Meds

Didn't Find Atmosphere To Be Welcomed
9 years ago
1.2 stars

shity meds

very low quality of meds it dont even get you high who ever did the growimg here did not know what they were doing where is the good chronic skunk at really i have not found it yet in Washington any one know where to get some plz this shit sucks
1 year ago
1 star


Their store hours are completely wrong!! Look on google for correct hours
2 years ago
1 star


dly was one of my favorites until today. Tried to exchange a vape cartridge on Monday that I purchased on Sunday night for 2 reasons. It made an intermittent popping sound (batteries ruled out). Store associate gave misinformation about product contents. After "testing" the cartridge by GOING RIGHT OUTSIDE THE STORE TO HIT IT A COUPLE TIMES he declared it to be fine and handed it back to me. I reiterated that the rice krispy popping was intermittent and reminded him that he wasn't honest with me the night before. He was obviously irritated when I explained that I spoke with the product sales manager but finally admitted he flat out gave me the wrong information and sold me something I specifically said I did not want. I've never complained or exchanged anything here. The circular arguing continued however and he refused the exchange citing the "I just can't" policy printed nowhere on the receipt. Fine. If your word isnt even worth $40 I wont waste anymore energy on this. Probably doesnt mean much to lose me as a customer but I hear that the fine for your outdoor testing method is a different story. Hope it was worth it!