Utopia Gardens

4.7 stars by 220 reviews
dispensaryDetroit, MImedical
Closed10:00am - 8:00pm
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4.7 stars

great service and nice atmosphere

... but also great with delivery! guy was super nice and friendly (and super cute too ladies!) will def be ordering again!😁

Black Friday!

Wow did I get some great deal's today! I love coming in on Friday's because they always have super good strains on sale & new flower drops. Plus they always have other products like vape carts, edibles, concentrate's and topicals on sale too! It always changes. I picked up some yummy flower (thank you Rich) at the advice of my budtender, Sherb Cake & Super Glue. Beautiful to look at and smoke! They also had 3/$100 1gram Utopia Gardens brand vape cartridges, and they are always bomb! The 3 strains I chose were, Gorilla Glue #4, Strawberry Cough, and Sour Orange. And my husband & I both agree that the Sour Orange is the best tasting vape cart we have ever tried! I also picked up some concentrate's. They have a few .5 grams marked down to $13!!! Great deal! I grabbed a few for my Peak, Sunshine Daydream Sugar, Elmer's Sauce & Skunk #1. I used my point's, which I used a certain amount of them to get 15% off my total bill. All in all, I saved $180 bucks! My people, much love! 💚


Amazing amazing amazing tenders friendly product outstanding try any utopias exclusive strains and then call high life and tell em to F off that east side og saved my life thank you all again

Quality over quantity.

Started coming to Utopia a few months back after feeling very overwhelmed at most other places. I have never gotten a bad product from here. I love how relaxed the environment is. Employees make you feel like you’re part of the family and the rewards system has gotten me so many freebies!!!


Hands down the best place to go in the city for any of your medical needs. Staff is super friendly and they take the time to connect with each patient. Wait time is short and the product selection is huge! Despite the state shortage they have a variety of flower, extracts, CBD and more. The daily deals and loyalty points are amazing!

good meds

high quality meds everything here is gas

never in my life again

staff was cool but the wait was long all the bud was outlandish with the donation prices and they had a small selection.

Great place!

I love this place, however, I really wish you would start having Jedi Kush again. That’s the main reason I shopped with you. Return The Jedi, please
Genevieve Mulka darnell

loved my home delivery

The best home delivery I've had, always greets me with a smile and hows your day going. Delivery hours are awesome, got some Elmer's glue and omg the smell alone 😍😍😍 beautiful bud. great job guys see ya soon

Utopia house wax 10/10

Wax Wednesdays have great deals!! Utopia's house wax is some of the cleanest tastiest wax that you can find in Detroit💪🏼 The banana punch sugar wax was fire, and Chem x purple 4! Must try these if you are a dabber 🍯

Always consistent

came back after getting my card renewed and they are still pretty awesome , got some Hash Plant as well as Snoop Dawg . both smoked pretty well. As usual tried some CBD Cannatonic one of my favorite flowers on their menu and it was a nice treat that you cant find anywhere else!


I love Utopia gardens. I love the budtenders they are always friendly, quick and efficient. I frequent their flower, edibles, and topicals and have had amazing results with all of the above. I love their weekly deals, its beautiful clean and elegant inside and outside. Also it's not far from my house, this place rocks.

The good stuff 💚

I was in on Friday and picked up some Lemon Wheel (flower) and Gluebert (flower). Both were tasty and strong! Gluebert is a favorite that Utopia grows themselves. Its always great! The also got some new carts in, Monster Xtracts. I really like them. I will definitely buy them again! Thank you Terri for always helping me make great choices! I love you all at Utopia Gardens so much!!! See you soon! 😘

Highly satisfied

I went here for my first time going to the dispensary and I was extremely pleased with the experience. The friendly staff checked me in quickly. After entering I was greeted by 1 of the bud tenders and he helped me pick out some good flower after asking me my preferences. The bud was really awesome and smoked great. 10/10 would return here

Cool Shop, Good flower.

This is my first review on weedmaps, I've been to many other dispensaries over the years that cant even compete with the quality of products they have. I bought some of their top shelf flower yesterday and was amazed with the smoke, tasted good, was cured right, and gave me a good high which is what 20$ a gram should do. They have a large menu of flower with THC/CBD percentages listed, and also have a pretty large selection of flower. The overall flower gives me more of a caregiver vibe because most of it is sourced from them. Overall the building is very pleasing and has a good atmosphere to it, parking lot is clean, interior and bud room are also very clean and set up nice. I would highly reccomend coming here over anything on 8 mile or the west side. it was way out of the way for me but I was very pleased by the selection of products.

Best Place Ever

I just love this place. I do not think they are pricey on their flower. They actually test all their products. I have never been disappointed going here. I have been disappointed going to other places all the time. Always to notch flowers. Keep up the great work.

no title

cool place, a bit pricey

The best

Awesome place and great staff as well

First visit very successful

Made my first visit to Utopia Gardens yesterday and was very impressed! The place is absolutely beautiful from the outside and once your inside it only gets better. The staff was super friendly and very knowledgeable about the product. Will definitely be back soon!

Great People

This place has a great staff. They’re always upfront and honest and strive to provide the best products at the best prices.