Jane West 8oz CBD Coffee Ground Colombian 320mg

Product description
8oz Ground CBD infused Coffee / 320mg per bag / 20 mg per brewed cupOur craft Medium roast Colombian blend is newly formulated with double the CBD infusion, delivering the well known health and wellness benefits of cannabidiol in a cup of Joe. This aromatic, high-grown arabica coffee has a smooth flavor with a hint of bright cocoa and complex spice.Jane West CBD Coffee uses all-natural processes to infuse responsibly sourced, freshly roasted coffee beans with full-spectrum CBD derived from Colorado-grown certified organic hemp.CBD, a naturally occurring non-intoxicating constituent of the cannabis plant, is introduced to the beans shortly after roasting, allowing the fat-soluble cannabinoids to bind naturally with the lipids in the beans while they are most chemically active. The result is a perfectly balanced, full-flavored coffee produced with no solvents, cutting agents, carrier oils, or soluble emulsifiers.
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